Tyler Bereman’s Imagination 3.0 is best summed up as a “skatepark for dirtbikes.” To make this clear, you simply don’t understand just how big the jumps are until you see them in person. We spent the week in Kansas to witness the event but thankfully for those that did miss it, Red Bull has you covered. The airing of the event took place directly after the Motocross des Nations, which if you missed Team USA’s victory, we’re sorry. And if you missed the stream of the event, then no worries as they dropped the full event on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

But seriously, check it out as some of the gaps and jumps these riders hit would leave us on a stretcher, and scroll down below to see a full breakdown of the points.

Photos by Trevor Nelson


Axell Hodges and Tyler Bereman were neck and neck during both runs and the final score came to the massive ~180-foot jump which the two were the only ones to hit in the wind.

Then in their last run, they set the competition aside and hit some of the biggest gaps at the event together.

In second place, the man behind the event, Tyler Bereman. TB and Axell were unmatched in the competition but for the two and the rest of the riders, winning wasn’t everything. The freeriders came out to enjoy time with friends and hit some ridiculously big jumps. 

Tyler and Jason Baker. Jason owns Moto Sandbox and is the man in the tractor designing the track and working on it. His attention to detail is unparallel and it’s probably safe to say that he’s the best dirt mover in the world.

In third place was Julien Vanstippen. Julien originates from Belgium and is another rider on the roster that blows our mind. Julien was incredibly creative with his lines and managed to throw some tricks in there too.

Kohl Denny would finish in fourth place and probably have more fun than anyone. 

Taking untucked to a whole ‘nother level.

In fifth place would be Guillem Navas. Guillem originates from Spain and this is actually his second professional competition he’s ever competed in, his first being XGames just a couple months earlier.

Josh Hill would finish in sixth place. Josh has to race Supercross in a couple of weeks so we don’t blame him for being a little safe at the most insane place on the planet.

Make sure to keep the youngest rider of the competition, Christian Dresser, on your radar.

And in eighth place would be Australia’s Lewi Woods who hadn’t been in America for three years due to their lockdown. 

In ninth place would be Tom Parsons. Tom is the veteran of the group being the oldest rider but that doesn’t stop him from getting massive air.

And in last but not least would be Vicki Golden. As much as we were looking forward to seeing Vicki hit the course on competition day, a crash in her warmup would prevent her from competing in the Main Event. 

  • Axell Hodges – 98
  • Tyler Bereman – 96
  • Julien Vanstippen – 92
  • Kohl Denney – 90
  • Guillem Navas – 88
  • Josh Hill – 87
  • Christian Dresser – 85
  • Lewi Woods – 82
  • Tom Parsons – 80

We can’t thank the Red Bull crew and Tyler Bereman enough for putting on an unforgettable event. Stay tuned to the upcoming TWIMXA where we were behind-the-scenes grabbing insane clips and talking to the riders.

In the mean time take a minute to check out some the sweet pics we grabbed.

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