WHAT IS IT? The Rekluse e-Axle is an eccentric axle that allows front wheel offset to be adjusted from two millimeters forward to three millimeters back.

WHAT’?S IT COST? $199.95 (208) 426-0659.

WHAT’S IT DO? Based in Boise, Idaho, Rekluse Motor Sports hit the sport’s radar with its Z-Start automatic clutch. They have popped on the screen again with their new e-Axle, which allows a rider to adjust his bike’s front wheel offset by loosening the axle pinch bolts and rotating eccentric cams to the desired offset.

Before the e-Axle, changing offset required different offset triple clamps. With the Rekluse e-Axle, a rider can quickly and easily test different front wheel offsets to find the optimal offset for handling situations. No other method for adjusting front wheel offset is as clever or simple, making the Rekluse e-Axle the best option for at-the-track tuning of front wheel offset.

Rekluse partnered with the e-Axle’s original inventor, Alden Eaton, to bring this totally creative tuning tool to the masses’ most of whom have never had the wherewithall to test different offsets because of the cost.


WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with Rekluse’s e-Axle.

(1) Construction. The e-Axle is CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum (eccentric sleeves) and 4140 alloy steel (axle). The aluminum parts are hard anodized for increased wear-resistance.

(2) Installation. Once the stock axle is out, you slip the e-Axle sleeve into the right dropout (you might need to spread the dropout apart with a screwdriver). Next, slip the axle through the sleeve and wheel. Finally, install the left-side sleeve into the fork dropout (a set-screw aligns the sleeve against a machined flat on the axle). Finally, tighten the four pinch bolts.

(3) Adjustment. To change the offset, all the rider has to do is rotate the eccentric cams on the e-Axle to align the indented marks on the sleeves. Offset can be changed from two millimeters forward to three millimeters back. This means that the stock 24mm offset of a CRF can be adjusted from 26mm to 21mm (or the stock 24.5mm offset of a KX250F can be changed from 27.5 to 21.5).

(4) Customers: Who needs an e-Axle? Race teams, shops, triple clamp manufacturers, suspension companies and test riders. What about the average Joe? This is a very creative and useful invention for fine tuning the front geometry of a race bike (especially on bikes that benefit from offset changes, like the CRF, KX-F and KTM). That said, the average rider would probably never adjust his offset except under duress.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Although the MXA wrecking crew has raced many times with the e-Axle to test various offsets, we wouldn’t run it continuously. We would prefer to invest in triple clamps that match the best offset found with the e-Axle and return to the larger-diameter stock axle.


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