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Photos by Dan Alamangos, Kyoshi Becker & Jon Ortner

kyoshitalladegaRarely is there ever a crash in Glen Helen’s steeply banked first turn, but the Over-50 class had a doozy that knocked down 7 riders. The only injury was a broken collarbone to North Carolina’s Dean Sarver, who is being attended to by Jon Ortner at the top of the photo. That’s Dirt Bike’s Ron Lawson (bottom left) and MXA’s Dan Alamangos (far right in orange helmet). You can see a sequence of the crash in “Debbi Tamietti’s REM Photo Gallery” on the home page. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

When REM Motocross decided to hold a race the Sunday morning after the Saturday night Anaheim Supercross they were taking a two big chances. First, all the riders who went to Anaheim would be worn out from staying out late trying to get out of the Angel Stadium parking lot. Second, SoCal has suddenly and surprisingly been inundated with rainstorms. So many that REM had to cancel its two final motocross races of December because the downpours flooded the valleys below the big hills.

kyoshidanalamangisDan Alamangos went back to the starting line after the big crash and ended up with a 5th in the restarted race. This is Dan coming through Talladega without the pile-up blocking his path. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

Holding the “Day After the Night Before” race turned out not to be such a big gamble. The Glen Helen track crew reconfigured the USGP motocross track to run on higher ground in one day, and REM sandwiched the race in on Sunday just before Monday’s rain storm. REM doesn’t hold very many Sunday races, but as it turns out the race couldn’t have been held on their normal Saturday date because of the rain.

kyoshibardaKevin Barda (852) flies by on his way to second overall in the Over-50 Elite class. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

As it was, Sunday broke with clear skies, 80-degree temps and a big rider turnout. The best thing about rain at Glen Helen is that is washes the decomposed granite down from the big hills and deposits it on the low lands. It turns the bottom section of Glen Helen into a sand motocross track. It also makes the track rough, rutted and bumpy.

kyoshiphilPhil Cruz, backlit by the low winter sun, went 4-3 for 3rd in the Over-65 Expert class. Photo: Kyoshi Becker


450 NOVICE: Zach Randolph defeated a top five of Brandon Reid, Erik Stengel, Josh Fout and Aaron Damico for the gold.

kyoshicrash1Why me? Photo: Kyoshi Becker

kyoshicrashtwoPlease make it stop.  Photo: Kyoshi Becker

kyoshicrash3It is pretty comfortable here. Photo: Kyoshi Becker


450 NOVICE: Zach Randolph defeated a top five of Brandon Reid, Erik Stengel, Josh Fout and Aaron Damico for the gold.

kyoshiralftmRalf Schmidt raced a TM 144MX to second overall against a field of 450s in the Over-40 Expert class. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

450 INTERMEDIATE: Todd Sibell swept both motos of the 450 Intermediates and even challenged 450 Pro winner Travis Freistat for the lead in the 450 Pro class in the combined class.

kyoshidennistmMXA had four test riders race the only 2017 TM 300FI-MX in the USA at the “Day After the Night Before” race. This is Dennis Stapleton winning the Vet Pro class on the mid-sized Italian bike. The other three were Chuck Sun, Mark Hall and Randy Skinner. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

OVER 40 EXPERT: This class has exploded over the last few months. It used to be a very small class, but it is growing rapidly. James Lavender went 1-1 in front of a top five of Ralf Schmidt (2-2), Robert Resinger (3-3), Kenny Maddux (5-4) and David Concotta (4-5).

ortsun1As former AMA 500 National Champion and MXDN winner Chuck Sun waited in the second row for his race to start, the guy in the row in front of him loops out 10 feet off the line. Photo: Jon Ortner

ortsun2Chuck gives a thumbs up to the guy’s style as the bucked-off rider scrambles back to his bike.  Photo: Jon Ortner

ortsun3Then, 20 seconds later, as though nothing had ever happened, Chuck Sun (63) and Jody Weisel (left) blast off with a lot less drama. Photo: Jon Ortner

OVER-40 NOVICE: George Andrews got the win with Gabi Ebaiov second, Gary Tayler third, Glen Laivins fourth and Pete Vetrano fifth.

ortsibellOnly three riders jumped this jump on Sunday. Here, Todd Sibell (13) gives David Cincotta (861) a clear view of the bottom of his Kawasaki. Photo: Jon Ortner

OVER-50 ELITE CLASS: SoCal icon Gordon Ward blasted away to a dominating victory over a top five of Kevin Barda (2-2), Luther French (3-3), Jon Ortner (4-4) and Bob Weber (5-5).

dansecondturnAs the Over-40 Experts charge into the second turn, James Lavender (328) and Robert Reisinger (96) fight for position, while Ralf Schmidt (73) eats roost. Photo: Jon Ortner

OVER-50 NOVICE: Luca Sorgente went 1-1 in front of Andy Stix (3-2), Dino Demarco (5-3), Corby Reutegen (4-5) and Darren Berg (6-4).

dansunWhen the sun is low at Glen Helen it gets very difficult to see when you turn towards it. Val Tamietti is smart—he is turning away from it. Photo: Dan Alamangos

OVER-60 EXPERT: Two riders who were in the top five at the Over-60 World Vet Championships lined up at the “Day After the Night before” race. Jim Latendress, fifth at the World Championship, went 1-1 for the win, while Chuck Sun, third at the World Vet, showed up late, missed practice and raced one moto without riding the track, and finished second. Behind Latrendresse were Joe Pena (4-2) and Val Tamietti, making his first start as a newly minted 60-year-old and his first race since undergoing two shoulder operations, (3-3).

danbrianmBrian Medeiros won the 250 Pro class. Here, he scrubs the first of the Saddleback Humps. Brian also jumped the big table-over-table jump that Todd Sibell and Travis Freistat did, but Brian did it on a YZ250F. Photo: Dan Alamangos

OVER-60 INTERMEDIATE: Jody Weisel won the Over-60 Intermediate class in front of a top five of John Huegel (3-2), Jim McCartney (2-4), Brian Martin (5-3) and Tony Parsons (4-7).

OVER-65 EXPERT: You know that the sport is getting older when there is a class for riders over the age of 65. Lyle Sweeter took the win over a top five of Tom Holmes, Phil Cruz, Greg Preston (Travis Preston’s dad) and Carl Gazafy.

danbergDarren Berg ended up 5th in the Over-50 Novice class, but he got a good look at the 4 guys in front of him. Photo: Dan Alamangos

THE BRAND BREAK DOWN: 30% of the racers at REM were on KTM’s. The second most popular brand was Yamaha at 25% with Honda third at 20%. Husqvarna beat out Kawasaki, Suzuki and TM for fourth with 10%, while Suzuki 7%, Kawasaki 4% and TM 4% filled out the roster. It should be noted that if you combined KTM and Husky together, since they come off the same assembly line, they add up to 40% of the bikes at the “Day After the Night Before” race.

danreisingerRobert Reisinger won the Over-50 Expert class and got third in the Over-40 Experts. The 6D helmet engineer and boss Bob Weber both race as often as they can. Photo: Dan Alamangos

REM does not race next weekend, January 14, but does race on January 21.

Jan. 21….Glen Helen
Jan. 28….Glen Helen
Feb. 11….Glen Helen
Feb. 18….Glen Helen
Feb. 25….Glen Helen

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