Josh Strang was untouchable in the 450 Pro class.

With the 30-minute motos continuing at Glen Helen’s weekly REM motocross races, GNCC number one Josh Strang continues to show his domination of the 450 Pro class. Strang, who is used to three-hour cross-country races, got good starts and steadily pulled away from the 450 pack. It was Srang’s second straight Pro motocross win at REM. Swedish rider Calle Aspegren kept Strang honest for the first half of moto one, but then got a flat tire and had to drop back, while MXA‘s Dennis Stapleton moved into second. Broc Armbruster was third with Austin White fourth and Joey Webb fifth.

Dennis Stapleton was second overall in the 450 Pro class.

In the second 450 moto, the order was Strang, Aspegren, Stapleton, Armbruster, Conner Stouff, Austin White, Joey Webb, Chris Hay, Armando Aguilar and Tony Amaradio. The overall went to Josh Strang (1-1), Dennis Stapleton (2-3) and Broc Armbruster (3-4).

Vance & Hines’ Preston Tilford won the 250 Pro class.

Preston Tilford took the 250 Pro victory with a 1-1 in front of a top five of Justin Starling (2-3), Cody Woodworth (4-2), Bryar Perry (5-4) and Billy Musgrave (6-5).

Dean Spangler took the 250 Intermediate win with a 1-2, but was aided by a flat front tire on Vance & Hines’ Steven Tokarski (who was leading the first moto when he punctured). Tokarski came back to win the second moto easily, but didn’t make the top three overall. Spangler, Brad Walker (4-3), and Kris Nelson (3-4) stood on the podium.

Mark Donaldson went 3-2 for second in the Over-50 Intermediate class.

MXA‘s John Basher was Kawasaki powered at REM.

Jeff Ward’s son Alain used a conservative 2-3 to win the 85 Novice class over a top five of Dane McCants (1-4), Braden O’Neal (5-1), Matt Maroney (4-2) and Cory Skaggs (3-5).

Mike Bell’s son Sean took the 85 Beginner gold in front of Morris Hait and Ian Detweiler, while Preston O’Neal won the 65 Beginner class with a 2-1 in front of Conner Theis’ 1-2 and Alexandra Ruesga’s 3-3.

This doesn’t look good?one hand is not enough. Dennis Smith (928) gets bumped off line in the Over-50 Novice class.

Other notable relatives were: Cole Safford, son of famous Alpinestars and AXO designer Kenny Safford. Cole took the 125 Beginner class on a Husqvarna CR125. Aryton Ward, joined his brother Alain in the victory circle, when he won the 85 Expert class. Mitchell Falk was one of four Falk’s racing at REM this weekend (along with brothers Hunter, Justin and dad CT) and he won the 65 Advanced class in front of Troy Lee’s son Max.

Kent Reed won the Over-50 Novice class with a 3-1. Steve Sussman was second with a 5-2, Angel Montoya got third with a 4-4, Jeffrey Arzonman was fourth with a 7-3 and Mitch Evans, who has been looking good in this class carded a 1-11?still good enough for fifth.

If Phil Dowell would look up, he could see who’s in front of him.

Aerobatic pilot Doug Jardine made his return to racing in the Over-50 Novices and went 9-5 for sixth. Jardine always provides the air show at the USGP, but this year he will miss it after damaging his new plane in an emergency landing when flying it back from Florida. Doug was unhurt, but the Sbach 342 was significantly damaged.

The Over-50 Intermediate class was owned by Jeff Fahy with stuntman Mark Donaldson second, Jim Masters third, John Caper fourth and John Alden fifth.

Troy Lee (25) leads Brian Allen (62) in the Over-50 Expert class. Troy could have won, but he scored a 2-DNF. Allen got third overall.

The biggest class of the day, as always, was the Over-50 Experts. REM brings out massive groups of riders from the 1980s and almost always has a different winner each and every week. This week was no different as Greg Nelson took the win over Dave Eropkin. Brian Allen was third and Dennis Boulware fourth. The top ten was rounded out by Randy Skinner fifth (6-7), Willie Amaradio sixth (14-1), Greg Groom seventh (8-9), Bruce Ashmore eighth (10-8), Kevin McCarthy ninth (13-6) and George Kohler tenth (7-12).

Tom White had to battle arch enemies Alan Olson and Jim O’Neal in the Over-60 Expert class. Olson was the fastest, but O’Neal was the smartest and took the win after Olson crashed while leading the second moto. Tom ended up second overall.

REM races again next Saturday, April 30. Following next week’s race there will be a two week break for the USGP before REM returns to action on May 21 on the USGP track (instead of the upper REM track). On May 21 at Glen Helen there will be a Lucas Oil Offroad Championship truck race, National Hill Climb Championship and the REM race. Because of the crowds, REM racers will probably have to enter the track through the Blockbuster Pavilion, US Festival, Glen Helen Regional Park entrance.

REM riders could take a break from racing on their track to watch a vintage race on the USGP track. Here, Scott Burnworth, zips by on an Ossa.

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Photos by Dan Alamangos

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