Photos by Dan Alamangos, Mark Chilson, Debbi Tamietti and Chris Alamangos

Justin Jones won the 450 Pro class?and yes, that it a KTM enduro bike. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

If you want to race, really race, week-in and week-out, for up to 40 weekends out of the year, REM Motocross is the place to be. With long 20-minute motos for every class (and, coming next month, 30-minute motos for the Pro class), REM isn’t about holding 13 different motos, five laps in a cloud of dust and a spending all day for yoursecond moto to rol around. It is long motos, held in an efficient manner with a great track. It is motocross the way it was meant to be, which is probably why so many 1970 and 1980 motocross racers call REM Glen Helen home.

Jon Ortner sold his YZ450F and bought a YZ250F. It didn’t slow him down as he won the Over-50 Elite class. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

The four biggest classes at REM on a weekly basis are the Over-50 Novices, Over-50 Intermediates, Over-50 Experts and Over-60 Experts. Many of these old guys have been racing against each other since the Saddleback and Indian Dunes eras. They are experienced. Are you experienced?

Dave Eropkin (811) used a 2-1 to defeated Bryan Friday (43) for the Over-50 Expert victory. Eropkin, Friday, Wil Harper and Ron Lawson all had a shot at winning in the final laps of the second moto. Photo: Debbi Tamietti


OVER-50 NOVICE: Kent Reed (2-1), Lance Sloane (1-2) and Robert Pocius (7-3).
OVER-50 INTERMEDIATE: Scott Fichter (1-1), Terry Varner (2-2) and C.T. Falk (3-3).

These two guys, Jody Weisel (34) and Lars Larson (35), dueled over first place in the 40 class?not the Over-40 class, but the “born in the 1940s class.” The young one won. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Tony Shuler (314) and Andy James (58) traded 9-8 and 8-9 moto scores in the Over-50 Experts (with Shuler getting eighth overall). Photo: Dan Alamangos

OVER-50 EXPERT: Dave Eropkin (2-1), Bryan Friday (1-2) and Will Harper (3-3).
VER-60 EXPERT: Gary Jones (1-1), George Kohler (2-2) and Carl Gazafy (3-3).

Former AMA National rider Robert Reisinger was tenth in the Over-50 Experts. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Kent Reed (491) won the Over-50 Novices and looked stylish in the process. Photo: Dan Alamangos

OVER-40 NOVICE: Gavin Antill (1-1), Robert Maneri (4-2) and Gary Taylor (3-3).
OVER-40 INTERMEDIATE: Pasha Afshar (1-3), Ron Shuler (2-4) and Dan Alamangos (5-2).

Eric Burdell lofts his KTM 65 over a tabletop on his way to first in the 65 Advanced class. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Aussie Chris Alamangos puts maximum effort into cranking his KTM 250SXF to third in the Over-40 Intermediates. Photo: Dan Alamangos

OVER-40 EXPERT: Eddie Davis (2-1), Alan Julien (1-2) and Gilbert Valdez (4-4).
250 INTERMEDIATE: Ryan Surratt (1-1), Kordel Caro (2-2) and Matt Bynum (3-3).

Matt Bynum (317) takes the inside berm while Brandon Sussman (12) swings wide for the outside line. Photo: Dan Alamangos

MXA’s John Basher raced his YZ125 to first place in the 125 Intermediate class. Photo: Chris Alamangos

The long line is made up of Dan Alamangos (35), Gavin Antill (86), Phil Petrikas (121), Daniel Mendez (213) and Gary Harada (55). Photo: Mark Chilson

This is the heart of the Over-50 Expert pack. Dave Eropkin (811), Ron Lawson (16), Bryan Friday (43), Val Tamietti (31) and Tony Shuler (314) would end up first, fourth, second, fifth and eighth respectively. Photo: Mark Chilson

VET INTERMEDIATE: Alan Julien (1-1), Vance Freeman (2-2) and David Munn (3-3).

Nathan Pietronico (36) and Dane McCants (328) come together on the step-up before the scoring tower. Luckily for the two Novices, they managed to stay on four wheels. Photo: Mark Chilson

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