Richard Taylor’s 1-1 was more than good enough to win the 450 Pro class over Shaun Hillion and Noah Hickerson. Photo: Dan Alamangos

With the 2018 Glen Helen AMA National at the raceway next weekend, REM will not be racing on May 26—so all the regulars showed up for one last chance to show what they could do before Tomac and company hit town. REM will return on the following saturday (June 2). In fact, this week’s REM track used a portion of next week’s National track (a portion without any big jumps on it).

Swede Kristoffer Palm took the 250 Pro win and threw in some Bengt Aberg-style…or should that be Uno Palm-style. Photo: Dan Alamangos

The track was the identical layout to last week’s track, but without the rain, mud and slick spots. The dirt was good and everybody was happy knowing that California got its rain last week, and we probably wouldn’t see any again until next year. What follows is a photo essay of the best moments with the winners and losers.

Cole Tompkins moves some serious dirt on his way to the 450 Intermediate victory over Bradley Denton, Maxx Murphy, Jeff Fitzgerald and Tanner Miller. Photo: Jon Ortner

Randel Fout isn’t to be out-done in the dirt excavation business by Cole Tompkins, so he leaves a big blast in his wake. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Bradley Denton (74) makes the close pass on Maxx Murphy (256) at the bottom of the downhill. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Ford Heit (144) was the 250 Intermediate winner. Ford is now on a YZ250F four-stroke instead of his trusty YZ125. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Kordel Caro (22) was on MXA’s Chad Reed Replica. The works engine, Kayaba works suspension and 63 horsepower engine were a handful for a guy straight off the 250 East Supercross series. Photo: Jon Ortner

Shaun Hillion is not hooked up—evident by the massive smoke screen of dirt coming off his rear wheel. Photo: Rommel Andrade

MXA test riders are a goofy bunch. Randel Fout (61) and Dan Alamangos (48) dug through some old boxes of gear and came up with a set of Jody Weisel’s 1981 HRP gear and a set of Dean Cates’ Team Tamm JT gear. Even though the gear was almost 40 years old, they wore it in their first motos. Photo: Jon Ortner

Pete Murray (7) won the Over-50 Elite class, but Jon Ortner made him work for it in the second moto. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Holland’s Ralf Schmidt won the 125 Adult two-stroke class with a 1-1 and followed that up with a 3-3 in the Over-40 Expert class. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Former Saddleback Specialist Val Tamietti (31) swept both motos of the Over-60 Experts. This has become the largest class at REM and is jam-packed with former Pros—like former CMC #1 rider Val Tamietti. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Pasha Afshar (L7) won the Over-50 Expert class with a 2-2 over Robert Reisinger’s 1-3 and Paul Krause’s 5-1. That is Rick Ellis (34) behind the Hollywood mogul. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Steven Chandler’s 2-1 was good enogh to win after his prime contenders faltered. John Caper got second with a 4-2, Tom Holmes was third with a 3-3 and Mitch Evans left a win on the plate with a 1-5. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Terry Messer (56) won the the Over-65 Intermediate class, while Terry Davis (L22), founder of Terrycable and father of Ty Davis, was third. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Just like last week, Luc Deley (48) and Eddie Jaramillo (52) had an epic battle. The difference this week, it was for second in the Over-50 Intermediate class instead of first (and this week Luc came out on top—while Gary Sewell ran away with the win). Photo: Jon Ortner

Ryan Foster (26) took the Over-25 Novice victory. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Geza Simon (119) won both motos of the 450 Novice class. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Austin Beck (27) won the 450 Beginner class, while Brandon Krause (466) was fifth in the 250 Novices. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Bradley Cole (14) had a good shot at winning the 450 Novice class, until he and Geza Simon (119) came together. Photo: Rich Stuelke

Chase Taylor (329) used a 2-1 to win the 250 Novice class over Dustin Holmes and Jake Kieffer. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Reagan Marple and Tanner Miller are students from West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia. Tanner is studying Aerospace Engineering and interning at Space X this summer. in their spare time they are vising the SoCal sights and racing at REM. Tanner was fifth in the 450 Intermediates. Photo: Jon Ortner

Meanwhile, over at REM’s Kid’s track, A.J. Gould was polishing his technique on his way to second in the 50cc Beginner class.. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Angela Castro (92), Zach Anderson and Zack Dowell (23) jockey for position. REM’s kid’s track is a safe, fun, Pee-Wee track that is designed specifially for kids who want to have fun. Photo: Rick Stuelke

June 2…………………….Glen Helen, CA
June 16…………………..Glen Helen, CA
June 30…………………..Glen Helen, CA
July 14……………………Summer Series #1
July 21……………………Summer Series #2
July 28……………………Summer Series #3

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