Australian Matt Moss won the 450 Pro class.

Team Suzuki’s Matt Moss came to REM this weekend at Glen Helen to log some saddle time during the AMA National Motocross series’ two-week break. There was no doubt that Moss was the fastest rider on the track, but the 450 Pro winner had to spend 20 minutes in the first moto running down 450 Intermediate winner Justin Jones. With all the Pro classes (250, 450 and Over-40 combined with the 250 and 450 Intermediate classes), it was assumed that Moss would pull the trigger on the start and take off. It was not to be. Over-40 Pro Willy Musgrave holeshot the combined Pro/Intermediate start. Musgrave was quickly passed by Justin Jones, son of four-time 250 National Champion Gary Jones. Justin put the hammer down and opened a big lead while Moss had trouble with Musgrave, Chris Hay and Ryan Cowell. By the time Moss worked his way into second place, Jones had a ten-second lead. Moss put his head down and thanks to REM’s long 20-minute plus one lap Pro motos began to nibble into the teenager’s lead. By the checkered flag Moss had passed Jones for the win, but the two riders did stop to congratulate each other. Moss got the workout that he came to REM for, and Jones got a chance to lead against a factory Suzuki rider.

Mark Hall finally got assigned MXA’s 2011 KTM 450SXF for the weekend. He went 7-8 in the Over-50 Expert class.

In the second moto Matt Moss got the holeshot, while Jones was buried behind Musgrave, Hay and Cowell. By the time Jones got into second place Moss had a big lead (although with the popping and banging that Moss’ RM-Z was doing there was no guarantee that his Suzuki would make it to the finish). In the end, Moss won the 450 Pro class, Jones won the 450 Intermediates, Willy Musgrave won the Over-40 Pro class, Billy Musgrave won the 250 Intermediates (on MXA‘s YZ125) and Tim Olson won the Vet Intermediates.

Blast from the past?back in the glory days of Baja, Bob Rutten was one of the heroes. He still is. Bob drove in from Las Vegas to race the Over-50 Expert class and went 5-3 for third.

You don’t see a lot of Husaberg motocross bikes, but George Kohler loves the slant-engine ‘Berg (and goes pretty fast on it).

In the Over-50 Expert class, Greg Nelson took the win in front of Dennis Boulware. Nelson’s 1-1 was unique in that the rest of the class was all over the place. In fact, four riders tied with eight points apiece?Boulware went 6-2, former Baja ace Bob Rutten got third with a 5-3, Randy Skinner was fourth (4-4), George Kohler was fifth (3-5). Ron Lawson went 2-11 for sixth.

MXA’s John Basher (91) took a break from being a judge at the X Games to come out and test the 2011 KTM 250SXF. He had to be back at X on Sunday.

Marc Crosby took the Over-50 Intermediate victory, Steve Herman won the Over-40 Intermediates and Robbie McCarthy was victorious in the 250 Beginner class.

Chris Noble (left) and Tony Valdez (right) churn through some Glen Helen loam in the 450 Novice class.

Patrick Hannah won two classes. Tom White won the Over-60 Experts for the second straight week with T.V. Holmes second, Alan Kent third, Jody Weisel fourth and John Huegel fifth. Gary Scott won the Over-50 Novice class and got the news that starting next week he is an Over-50 Intermediate.

That is Matt Moss’ yellow fender exiting stage right in front of Willy Musgrave (orange helmet) and Chris Hay (212).

REM ran the Glen Helen track backwards for the second straight week, but this week the riders liked the changes that were made…and REM’s Frank Thomason says that he will keep making changes each week until he finds the perfect combination (then he will change it back the other direction). REM races next Saturday, August 7. Practice starts at 9:00 am. For more info go to

REM has a great reputation for its long motos, good competition and unique track.

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