REM GLEN HELEN REPORT: The Final Glen Helen Points Are Out For The Top Ten In 2008


With over ten tracks within a two-hour drive in SoCal, there are very few weekly race series because most of the SoCal tracks are practice tracks. REM only holds races. It has the longest series, best run races and offers the most fun.

ÿÿÿ Glen Helen Raceway’s REM race series is the longest point-paying race series in the USA. With over 40 races on its schedule, the consistency and durability of its racers are sorely tested over the long haul.

ÿÿÿ The final points totals are finally out, although the overall Glen Helen Champ was known at the last race of the 2008 season (when second place rider Willie Amaradio missed the race while in the points lead).

ÿÿÿ Dennis Boulware took the crown. It is Boulware’s second REM Championship (George Kohler holds the win record with three titles). Out of top five for 2008, there were four former Glen Helen number one riders (Boulware, Johansson, Olson and Weisel).

ÿÿÿ The 2009 season starts on Saturday, January 10. For more info go to

Dennis Boulware switched to Willy Musgrave’s 2008 CRF450 late in the season and it made all the difference in the world.

1. Dennis Boulware….Gary Jones Racing
2. Willie Amaradio…….Lightspeed
3. Bengt Johansson….MXA
4. Alan Olson…………..MXA
5. Jody Weisel…………MXA
6. Brian Martin………….Eierstedt Racing
7. John Tookey………..AMA
8. Leon Baird……………Applied
9. Todd Wiseman…….NA
10. Gary Taylor………..RK Chain

Dr. John Tookey would like to thank his sponsor, the AMA (American Medical Association).

RK Chains Gary Taylor knew exactly how to make it through 40 races?relax.

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