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Troy Lee Designs’ Shane McElrath (87) took home the overall victory in the Pro class with the best overall speed and, more importantly, the least mistakes.  Photo: Chris Alamangos

This weekend’s REM Glen Helen motocross race was the last chance for AMA National riders and SoCal locals to race motocross at Glen Helen—before it closes to go into full prep mode for the upcoming Glen Helen 250/450 AMA National. And a big crowd of racers showed up for a chance to get in one last shot at Glen Helen’s tricky and rough decomposed granite dirt. The majority of attention was focused on the 250 and 450 Pro classes, as REM was offering them a chance to race for 30 minutes plus 2 laps (as opposed to the regular 20-minute motos that REM runs for every other class). As befitting the final race before the National break, REM had a new layout with a big, wide and long start, a fast back straight and some very difficult rutted turns.


How low can you go? Geico Honda’s Zach Bell (71) and TLD’s Shane McElrath engaged in a keeping up with the Jones contest in who could lay their Honda’s over farther in this 180-degree turn at the end of the pit wall. Zach Bell won the crown with this beauty. Photo: Mark Chilson

450 Pro: The overall win as never in doubt in the 450 class as Shane McElrath went 1-1 for the victory. Second went to Colton Aeck, who’s 4-2 edged out Tim Beatty’s 3-3. Ray Obermeyer was fourth, while Austin Howell had a few miscues in moto two to give him a 2-9 day.


Jackson Richardson (60) has been racing the AMA Supercross Series for the last couple years. He plans to do the first couple AMA National before returning home. Photo: Dan Alamangos

250 Pro: Australian Jackson Richardson ended up winning the 250 Pro class after Zach Bell, who had a big lead, locked his front brake up to avoid a lapper and went down. Bell remounted, but could only manage to claw his way back to second. The Aussie’s 2-1 beat Bell’s 1-2. Garrick Noble was third with John Pauk and Casey Casper rounding out the top five.


Colton Aeck is not going to Canada. Colton plans to race the AMA Nationals and try to erase the memories of his terrible crash at Miller Motorsports Park last year when he was knocked  out on the track for several minutes. Aeck went 4-2 in the 450 Pro class. Photo: Chris Alamangos

Over-50 Expert: Will Harper took the Over-50 Expert win with a 1-1 in front of a top ten of Dave Eropkin (2-2), Mike Monaghan (3-5), Val Tamietti  (6-3), Bob Rutten (9-6), Bryan Friday (13-4), Phil Dowell (5-12), Scotty Walker (8-10), Joe Sutter (7-11) and Mark Hall (10-9).


MXA’s globetrotting test rider, Dennis Stapleton, is back in the States and getting ready for the Glen Helen National. Stapleton had a great first moto, as he not only won the Vet Pro class, but finished in the top five of the 450 Pros. His second moto saw him a little farther back, but he thinks he’s on track to be ready in two weeks. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Over-40 Novice: Dirk Davidow’s 2-1 took the victory over Jeff Stehr’s 3-2. First moto winner Eric Kaiser struggled to a 7th in moto two and ended up fifth overall behind Davidow, Stehr, Jonny Benskin and John Maldonado.


It looked like rush hour in L.A. as  Ray Obermeyer (8), Preston Tilford (7), John Pauk (655), Jackson Richardson (60) and Colton Aeck (behind Richardson) try to squeeze their way to the front. Photo: Chris Alamangos

Vet Beginner: Scott Hargreave’s easy 1-1 victory will probably get his ticket punched to the Vet Novice class, while Michael Palmer (2-2), Steve Alkyer (5-4), Jason Chism (7-3), Glenn Pietronico (3-7), Shawn Khacherian (6-5), Jeff Hamby (8-6) and Bobby Aranda (4-10) are probably safe for the time being.


1980 500 National  Champion and 1981 Motocross and Trophee des Nations Champion Chuck Sun (63) drove in from Las Vegas to wring the bugs out of MXA’s Dick’s Racing Husqvarna TC250 two-stroke. Chuck was fifth in the Over-50 Elite class behind Doug Dubach (1-1), Jon Ortner (3-2), Bob Weber (4-3) and Willy Simons (2-5). Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Over-50 Elite: Doug Dubach had a 100 yard lead in the first 200 yards and just stretched it out as the race continued, but behind Dubach it was all-out war as Jon Ortner, Willy Simons and Bob Weber battled for second overall. The outcome was in doubt right up to the last lap when Willy Simons made a bold outside move through the S-turn section to momentarily get past Jon Ortner. It looked like a good pass, but Ortner had the line in the next turn and wouldn’t let his buddy Willy Simons push the issue. In the end, Simons clipped Ortner’s rear wheel and went down—allowing 6D helmet boss Bob Weber to get by.


 You have to be impressed by Trevor Stewart’s style as he rails his way to second overall in the 250 Intermediate class. The flagman, on the other hand, was not impressed. Photo: Dan Alamangos


Meanwhile, behind Trevor Stewart, Jake Martineau (118) and Renton Minuto (14) squabble over fourth. In the end Martineau got the spot with a 6-3 over Minuto’s 5-5. Photo: Debbi Tamietti


 Doug Dubach (15) gets cheered on by son Carter on his way to a rout of the Over-50 Elite class. Photo: Dan Alamangos


You don’t always have the time to stop and smell the roses, or look at the giant vistas, when careening down Glen Helen’s big hills. Yes, this drop is as steep as it looks. Photo: Chris Alamangos


 Baja hero Johnny Campbell’s son Preston won the 125 Two-Stroke and 150 Minicycle classes. Now, here is a moment where you don’t have to stop of smell the flowers. Photo: Dan Alamangos


How many Swedes does it take to fill a trailer? MX Heaven had a large crowd of foreign riders enjoying the sights and sounds of Glen Helen. Photo: Dan Alamangos


When your dad is a former Yamaha factory rider, AMA Supercross winner and 22-time World Vet Champion you feel right at home at a race track. Carter Dubach won the 85 Novice class on his KTM 65SX. Photo: Dan Alamangos


Japanese racer Ryusei Otsuka’s went 1-17 in the 250 Novice class. That didn’t get him into the top ten, but at least he knows that he has the speed to win—when the circumstances work out better. Otsuka was at REM with his trainer, Jim Holley. Photo: Debbi Tamietti


In the Over-50 Intermediate class, Shy Moshe (right) leads Scott Williams (20), Terry Varner (34), Russell Brown (4), Marc Crosby (3) and Greg Groom (12). Groom is inexplicably on the actual race track. Varner would go 1-1 to get the win in front of a top five of Jeff Fahy, Russell Brown, Jeff Scott and Scott Williams. Moshe, Crosby and Groom would end up 9th, 10th and 11th respectively. Photo: Mark Chilson


George Kohler (36) squeezes his 6 foot, 3 inch body on to a Husqvarna FC250. Kohler, a three-time Glen Helen number one rider, went 2-3 for second overall in the Over-60 Expert class behind Jim Latendresse. This was George’s last hurrah at REM as he is moving to Carson City, Nevada, on Friday. Photo: Dan Alamangos


Randy Skinner raised a few eyebrows when he lined up on the starting line on his 500cc Jawa speedway bike. The guy next to him was amazed and asked how Randy had done in the first moto. Randy said, “Oh, I think about fifth.” The guy said, “That’s pretty good.” Of course Randy didn’t race his speedway bike, he just had it with him because he was racing at the Costa Mesa Speedway later that night. Photo: Dan Alamangos

REM will take two weeks off (the first because Glen Helen will be closed next weekend for AMA National prep and the second because of the 2014 Glen Helen National). REM will return on Saturday, May 31. For more info go to

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