Tallon Lafountaine’s  2-2 nipped Ricky Dietrich’s 1-3 for first overall in the 450 Pro race. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

With a sudden and brief break in the SoCal heat wave, the REM racers showed up in droves for a chance to ride in temperatures that barely cracked 90 degrees. Some of their urgency to race is that REM has scheduled only two August races, the first one of August 10 and the second one next Saturday, August 17—after that they are taking four weekends off to make room for a WORCS double header before returning to the REM track on September 21.

Ricky Dietrich is very good at REM. He has the magic touch on the hilly track, but it left him in moto two when he  got within passing distance of Colton Aeck and Tallon Lafountaine but could not close the gap. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

The upcoming WORCS race seemed to be motivation for a lot of off-road Pros to show up to get a little extra practice on Glen Helen’s decomposed granite dirt before having to race two WORCs events in a one-week span. Whatever brought all the Pros to REM, it was a thrill to see the speed and skill they displayed on the new layout that included a nifty uphill straight that had never been used before. What follows are the photos of the major players (and those who’s bike number matched their sign-up number). The photos were shot by Debbi Tamietti, Jon Ortner and Dan Alamangos.

MXA’s Josh Mosiman (36) and Sean Collier (207) dueled in both 450 Pro motos, but Mosiman’s 3-4 bested Collier’s 7-5. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Cole Tompkins (69) holeshot the first moto of the 450 Pro class and held the lead for three laps before Ricky Dietrich (blue plate) ran him down. Dietrich would go 1-3 for second overall.  Photo: Jon Ortner

450 PRO
1. Tallon Lafountaine (Hon)…2-2
2. Ricky Dietrich (Hon)…1-3
3. Colton Aeck (Hon)…5-1
4. Josh Mosiman (Hon)…3-4
5. Braden O’Neal (Yam)…4-6

Colton Aeck struggled in moto one and ended up fifth, but came back in moto two to ride every chaser into the ground. His 5-1 score was good enough for third overall. Photo: Dan Alamangos

1. Giovanni Spinali (Yam)…2-1
2. Paul Krause (KTM)…1-4
3. John Griffin (Hus)…4-3
4. Rich Truchinski (Kaw)…6-2
5. Joe Melton (Yam)…5-5

Braden O’Neal (127) had to eat a lot of dirt on lap one. Photo: Jon Ortner

Braden O’Neal’s (127) diet on Saturday consisted of dirt with a side order of rocks. Photo: Jn Ortner

1. Bill Clontz (Yam)…3-1
2. Robert Pocius (KTM)…2-2
3. Bill Reimer (KTM)…1-3
4. Jeff Case (KTM)…5-4
5. Sean Holder (Hon)…6-5

Sean Collier gets down low. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

1. Mike Hillion (Yam)…1-2
2. Darren Berg (KTM)…3-1
3. Philip Van Der Walt (KTM)…5-3
4. Frank Van Es (Yam)…4-4
5. Pat Veritch (Yam)…2-6

MXA’s Brian Medeiros was assigned to ride MXA’s stock 450 KTM 450SXF, but he switched to a 2020 Husqvarna  FC450 for the 450 Pro class because it has plusher suspension for his light weight than the KTM 450SXF. Photo: Dan Alamangos

1. Val Tamietti (Yam)…1-1
2. Dave Eropkin (KTM)…2-2
3. Jim Hanson (Hon)…6-3
4. Bruce Ashmore (Hon)…5-4
5. Mike Monaghan (Yam)…3-6

MXA’s Josh Mosiman doesn’t need traction, he can levitate his Honda CRF450 over the ground.  Photo: Jon Ortner

1. Scott Sligar (Kaw)…1-1
2. Phil Cruz (Hus)…2-2
3. Steven Chandler (TM)…3-3
4. Mitch Evans (Yam)…4-4
5. Stephen Braseny (Hus)…5-5

Kurt Nicoll tries to balance his KTM 450SXF on one knob on the exit of this uphill sweeper.. Photo: Dan Alamangos

1. Randy Lewis (Hus)…1-1
2. Brian Martin (Yam)…3-2
3. Tony Parson (KTM)…2-4
4. Jim McCartney (KTM)…4-3
5. Mike King (Hus)…5-5

Braden O’Neal (left) and Preston O’Neal (right) are the grandsons of O’Neal USA founder Jim O’Neal. Braden finished 5th in the 450 Pro class, while Preston won the 250 Novice class.  Photo: Jon Ortner

1. Joe Sutter (Hon)…2-1
2. Brian Bolding (KTM)…1-2
3. Shannon O’Connor (KTM)…3-5
4. Duncan Crear (KTM)…3-4
5. Dan Eickholt (Yam)…4-6

Jon Ortner (10) won both motos of the Over-50 Elite class over Ron Shuler, Robert Reisinger and Phil Dowell. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

1. Todd Sundvold (KTM)…2-1
2. Robin Hall (Yam)…1-2
3. Pete Vetrano (Hus)…3-5
4. Gary Taylor (KTM)…3-4
5. Lamont Dusseau (Yam)…4-6

Three-time CMC number one rider Val Tamietti (31) and 1984 CMC Number one Vet Pro Jody Weisel (55) share a bonding moment up this hill. Val would win the Over-60 Expert class with a 1-1 score. Photo: Photo: Debbi Tamietti

1. Josh Fout (Kaw)…2-1
2. Alan Jullien (Hon)…1-2
3. Ralf Schmidt (TM)…3-3
4. Shannon O’Connor (KTM)…4-4
5. Calvin Reck (KTM)…5-5

Randel Fout lines up Mike Monaghan in the Over-60 Expert class. Monaghan crashed three weeks ago and broke some ribs and collapsed his lung. He spent a few days in the hospital, but came back to racing this weekend. Mike went 7-8 in the Over-50 Expert class and 3-6 in the Over-60 Experts class (and his motos were back to back). Photo: Dan Alamangos

1. Preston O’Neal (Yam)…1-2
2. Connor Styers (Yam)…3-1
3. Austin Eddy (Yam)…2-3
4. Stephen Sundvold (KTM)…4-4
5. Greg Labranche (Kaw)…5-5

Randel Fout (left) lives on a boat in Oceanside Harbor, while son Josh lives high in the mountains in Big Bear, but they share a taste in hats. Photo: Jon Ortner

Former Pro Rich Truchinski showed up to watch and ended up borrowing gear, goggles, helmet, boots and bike to go 6-2 in the Over-50 Experts. The only things he couldn’t find were knee guards. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Joe Sutter (111) took the Over-40 Intermediate win with a 1-1. That is Over-50 Elite rider Phil Dowell (23) pressuring him. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Randy Skinner (383) knifes in on Brian Martin (65). Martin started in the second gate and is getting lapped by first gate Over-60 Expert Skinner. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Scott Sligar (151) holeshot the Over-60 Intermediate class with Mitch Evans (4) second. Sligar would go 1-1 and Evans 4-4.  Photo: Debbi Tamietti

You don’t see a lot of One Industries gear these days, but Gary Scott (157) is keeping them alive. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Zach Randolph (214) swept both motos of the 450 Intermediate class. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

The Open Vet class is a catch-all class for riders over 30 years old. It is often bigger than the normal  Vet classes because it throws together a big group of 30- and 40-year-old guys. South African Alan Jullien is over 40, and very fast, but his 1-2 score lost out to Josh Fout’s 2-1. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Robert Reisinger (96) leads Jon Ortner (1) in the Over-50 Elite class—both are former AMA Pros from the 1980s. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Aug. 17…Glen Helen
Sept. 21…Glen Helen
Oct. 4…Glen Helen
Oct. 19…Glen Helen
Oct. 26…Glen Helen
Nov. 16…Glen Helen
Nov. 23…Glen Helen
Dec. 14…Glen Helen
Dec. 21…Glen Helen

REM returns to Glen Helen next Saturday, August 17. For more info about REM motocross go to or their Facebook page by Clicking Here.


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