The new online entry for REM is up at You will create an online profile on your initial visit to the website, your profile will only have to be completed one time unless you need to update the information on a later visit.

At this time, you may only sign up for one class, and for one event at a time. If we have space for racers to sign up for a second class that will be handled on the morning of the race.

REM will not be running 65cc or 85cc classes at this time. If there is a demand, we may bring the class back after the summer.

There are no spectators allowed, social distancing is required, parking 10’ apart is required, and masks in public areas are required. No fans or spectators. Competitors may bring family but everyone must come in the same vehicle.

There is absolutely no race day sign up, you must enter online. You must have a transponder. You will be required to sign an REM insurance waiver in addition to the front gate waiver before you are allowed onto the racetrack. This will be done at the practice entrance before you enter the track.

REM understands that all of these changes are a bit much for a sport that really hasn’t changed that much in 50 years. But, to continue to hold races these are the practices that REM must adhere to. Sooner than later most if not all of these changes will be implemented by nearly all of the promoters in America.

REM apologizes for the inconvenience to all of our loyal racers, just know that we will continue to improve the experience and make these changes as painless as possible. And remember no more standing in a sign up line.


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