Tyler EvansThe 38 year old Tyler Evans was once a fan favorite in Supercross stadiums. 

Reports on Instrgram started appearing Sunday night, September the 16th that Tyler Evans had died. We are unsure of the details as many of his friends reached out on their Instagram accounts mourning the death of their friend. His friends say that he has been in a dark place lately. Below are some of the Instagram posts from people that knew him.

Tyler raced 10 seasons as a professional racer. In the last five years of his career he raced Supercross only. Tyler had four podium finishes in the 125 class in Supercross and multiple top ten finishes in the 250 Supercross class. He was a fan favorite to many inside the stadiums as he was both a showman and a racer. Rest in peace, Tyler.

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As I sat in prayer this morning praying and thinking about Tyler, my heart was weighed down with so much sadness. I’m heartbroken to hear how his life on this earth has ended. Most of you know me and Tyler were really close for a long time. I have so many funny memories of him, things he said, and did. I always remember him calling me up and saying “let’s go to LA” “Let’s hit up Hollywood” He would come swoop me up in his Bentley coupe and all I could see was his big smile through the windshield as he pulled in the driveway of those perfect white teeth he had. Always dressed to impress – new shoes, new hat, freshly shaved head, perfectly waxed eyebrows, sprayed tanned up, rocking a bunch jewelry and diamonds! 😂😂 The dude was hilarious! A kind dude with a good heart, but man did he have a temper sometimes. And when it went, the shirt came off and he was throwing down! That is for sure how he got the nickname “One Punch”. But what was really hitting me this morning was, it is so easy to say “why didn’t he hit me up?” or “why didn’t he reach out to someone?” But what about us reaching out to them? I started thinking about Jesus, and how He went to where the people were! He calls himself the Good Shepherd, who goes after the sheep. He is the one who leaves the 99 to go after the ONE that is lost. We all know people who are facing trials and difficulties. Some feeling alone and fighting depression. Let’s make some phone calls today. Let’s reaffirm these people that they are not alone, that they are loved and we do care. We (the church) are the light of the world and we have been entrusted with the gospel that brings forth life! Share it! 🙏🏼 #R.I.P. #tylerevans #onepunch #Tezey

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So sad & hate these kind of posts more then anything. Just found out that my good friend & Motocross bad boy legend Tyler “One Punch” Evens just passed away. I know you guys have probably seen the drama between me & Evans awhile back on IG but that wasn’t the person I knew. Tyler had a lot of bad demons like I once had & they got the best of him which is the sad part. Evans was one of the nicest & raddest people I once knew when he had a clear head but the other side of him I didn’t want nothing to do with. I do know that he was trying to get help but sadly didn’t make it to that part. I hope others can hopefully learn from this & that this is what happens every time & there is no coming back. I love you Evans and will never forget all the great memories you, me, @twitchthis8 & @beaumanley555 had on Warpt Tour and all the early FMX days with the other @metalmulisha boys running a muck having the time of our lives. You will never be forgotten buddy! ~ R.I.P. 🙏🏼 ~

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