The story started with a hardcore KTM racer named Kent Reed. Please forgive Kent for having more money and less self-control than the rest of the guys he lines up with behind the starting gate at his local track. He loves motocross, he loves expensive parts and he loves lavishing money on his bike.

Unfortunately Kent had to have surgery right after he bought a brand-new GasGas MC450F. He had a brand-new bike, but he could not ride it for a couple of months, so he dropped the bike off at Jody’s house. When Jody asked what Kent was doing. Kent said, “I can’t ride it, so I’m giving it to MXA. Do whatever you want with it. Why don’t you build a GasGas Factory Edition out of it as a project bike? Just send me the bill.” With that, Kent got back in his truck and his brunette chauffeur drove him away.

2021 GASGAS MC 450 Build--12

And he meant it. When we tried to save money, like on the brakes, Kent would buy Brembo works calipers at $1000 apiece and drop them off. We took them! However, we rejected a lot of his lavish ideas, because he gave us the power to say “no.” Watch the video and you will understand why every MXA test rider loved the finished product—and Kent Reed, who footed the bill, still rides that GasGas today, even though he has bought four brand-new KTMs and Husqvarnas in the interim—the GasGas Project bike is his favorite.

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