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Throughout Moto history, we have seen some talented brother duos grace the starting gates at the races. From the Stewart brothers to now, most notably the Lawrence brothers, it is always something to talk about when it becomes a family affair. With Loretta’s Amateur National Championships right around the corner, we decided to sit down with the next up-and-coming brother duo, the Gordons. We caught up with Pro Circuit’s Reven and Landon Gorden at Fox Raceway as they prepared for Loretta’s.

Reven is racing 250 and 450 B classes this summer.

MXA: Good morning, everyone; we are out here at Fox Raceway talking to Reven and Landen, the Gordon brothers, as they are gearing up for the Loretta Amateur National Championships. I appreciate you, fellas meeting with us today. 

Reven: Thank you for having us.

MXA: So, at what age did you both start riding?

Landen: We both started riding around the age of 3, and yeah, we definitely crashed a lot haha.

Reven: Yeah, our dad was a local racer, so we were born into the sport.

Landen is racing both Supermini 1 and 2 this year.

MXA: How old are you two?

Reven: I’m 18 years old, and Landen is 16.

MXA: What classes are you both racing for Loretta’s this year?

Reven: I will be racing 250 and 450B

Landen: And I’ll be racing Super Mini 1 & 2

MXA: Reven, what do you enjoy most about racing?

Coming off amateur career highs in 2022, Reven looks to keep this forward momentum headed into Loretta Lynn’s this year.

Reven: I love the feeling of succeeding. You know, all the hard work you put in to see it work out, there is no better feeling—than just having fun on my dirt bike.

MXA:How about you, Landen?

Landen: Yeah, hitting a rut well is the best feeling and just working hard to accomplish your goals.

MXA: You guys have already been successful in your young careers; what is your most memorable experience?

Reven: I won my first major title at Mini O’s last year. So, that was one of my biggest accomplishments, and then, I got third in a moto at Loretta’s, so that is right up there as well.

Landen: Yeah, in 2019 at Loretta’s, I won my first championship. So, that is probably my best accomplishment so far. 

MXA: What Pros  do you guys  like to follow, as far as style, race craft, or being a a role model on the track for you guys?

Form and technique are some things Landen has as a top priority as he makes his way through the ranks.

Reven: Everyone says they model their style after Lawrence’s because, because they are effortless on the bike. So, I would say them, and then, I’d say Jo Shimoda. He has a style that no one talks about, but I think his style is one of the best out there. Role model-wise, I’d have to go with Adam Cianciarulo. He is a super good role model with his outlook on racing and  life,in general.

Landen: I agree. The effortless style of the Lawrence brothers and Chase Sexton is something to aspire to. But, my biggest inspiration is probably Adam Cianciarulo and Jacob Hayes.

MXA: Jacob Hayes trains with you guys pretty often?

Landen: Yesh.

MXA: It must be cool to receive support from Pro Circuit. How has it been working with Mitch and the rest of the team?

Reven: It’s been great. Mitch, Schnikey, Dyno Dan and Luke have helped so much with our program.

MXA: How about you, Landen?

Landen Reven Gordon 2023 interview--2Reven perfecting technique to be a step ahead when entering the pro ranks.

Landen: Yes. I ride that Supermini pretty hard, so they are constantly making sure it is ready for me. We can’t thank them enough.

MXA: What are your hobbies outside of racing? What do you guys like to do when you’re not on the bike?

Landen: We play a lot of golf, haha. I would say that is what we do the most. We try to keep it mellow off the bike.

MXA: What advice would you give to a young racer or a racer that’s just getting started in this sport?

Landen: I’d probably say if you’re getting into it ,you should focus on your form and not worrying too much about using the gas really hard. Take it easy, and the speed will come over time.

MXA: How about you, Reven?

Reven: Yes, riding technique is the  biggest part for thes next generation of racers,.If you know how to ride a bike properly, I think that’s going to pay off huge. Also,never give up, You’ve got to grind,. Yes you are going to fail, but that doesn’t mean you give up.

Reven Gordon 363792535_18220255645221871_8893964753737409553_
Landen at the Alpinestars shoot earlier this year.

MXA: Last, but not least, who would win in a race between the two of you?

Landen: Right now, I’d say Reven, but I’ll be on a 250 in about a month, so…

MXA: Are you coming for your brother?

Landen: Oh yeah!

We’ve seen a few different brother teams throughout the years, but the Gordons are next up on the list to battle it out for top spots.

MXA: What do you think about that, Reven?

Reven:  I can take him right now, but I think it’s going to be a good after a few years of us training together.


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