Brian Medeiros (934) and Josh Fout (946) eat dirt on their way to victories in 250 Pros (Brian) and Vet Pros (Josh).

After last week’s barn burner of a 450 Pro race between Blake Baggett and Josh Mosiman, everything returned to normal at this week’s “Saturday at the Glen” races, which returned to the Arroyo track (located up the hill from the Glen Helen National track). “Saturday at the Glen” rotates back and forth between the two tracks (last week the National track, this week the Arroyo track). Most of the hardcore week-in and week-out racers prefer the Arroyo track because it was the REM track for over 30 years—thus, they think of it as their home turf because it was built on the bones of the 1970s Arroyo Cycle Park layout and was developed over the years with lots of input from the riders who raced the track.

Pete Murray (36) double classed it in the Over-50 Experts and the Over-60 Experts. He was second in the Over-50s and first in the Over-60s. 

Four-time 250 National Champion Gary Jones (88) is also a two-time Over-70 World Vet Champion. He signed up in the Over-70 class on Saturday, but every other Over-70 guy moved to the Over-65 Novice class. Gary came through to pass all of them any way.

Dave Eropkin (811) took the Over-65 Expert win.

In a surprise appearance this past Saturday, long-time REM race promoter Frank Thomason came out to race, hang out with all the riders who raced with him over three decades and get in a couple of motos — something that he could never do when he was the race promoter. Frank is over the shock of retiring from promoting races and now just wants to enjoy himself without anyone coming up to him and complaining about their gate malfunctioning, a rider taking him out, being mis-scored or being last on the race program.

Frank Thomason came out to “Saturday at the Glen” to hang out with the guys who used to race with him when he ran REM Motocross for 35 years.

There were some seriously good races this past Saturday. Hawaiian Brian Medeiros brought his practice Suzuki RM-Z250 out to get in some practice before the first AMA National gets here on May 25. Of course the 450s bolted away at the start, but Brian put his head down and picked them off one at time to take the overall win in the combined 250/450 class.

Cody Brownfield flies under Old Glory on his way to second in the 250 Pros and second in the Open Experts on his Suzuki RM-Z250.

In the Over-50 Expert class Bill Sauro dominated with a 1-1 in a tough class that included Pete Murray (4-2), Billy Joe Mercier (2-4), Pasha Afshar (5-3) and Luther French (3-7). When the Over-60 Expert class rolled to the line, Peter Murray took the overall victory over a top five of Phil Dowell (2-2), Val Tameitti (3-3), Pete Anagnos (4-4 and Joe Sutter (5-5).

Former Saddleback Pro Val Tamietti (31) has been on a winning streak in the Over-65 Expert class, but a little slide out in the second moto ended with Dave Eropkin taking the second moto win and the overall victory with a 2-1 to Val’s 1-3.

Alison Bushnell (192) won the Woman’s class with a 1-1 over Tatum Juhnke (2-2), Emily Cloud (3-3), Chloe Jakubowski (4-4), Talicia Larson (5-5) and Kallie Sale (6-6). Alison Bushnell would return to get third overall in the Men’s Over-40 Intermediate class.

The Over-65 Expert class saw a classic battle betweeen 1980s SoCal stars Dave Eropkin (2-1), Val Tamietti (1-3), Will Harper (3-2) and Ron Lawson (4-4). But if you’re looking for impressive performances, look no further than race six and race seven where Cody Brownfield, Josh Fout, Shawn Bushnell and Alison Bushnell raced back to back motos when the track was at it’s roughest. When they got the checkered flag at the end of the 15-minute race six, they rushed back to the starting just in time for the start of to race the 20-minute race seven.

MXA’s Jody Weisel (192) one-fingers his front brake and two-fingers the clutch on his Husqvarna FC350. You might think that the lowered Husky suspension is responsible for the air between Jody’s pants and the Husky seat, but the shorter front and rear wheel travel have no effect on the Husqvarna’s rider triangle or layout. Equally obvious is that Jody lent his bike to Alison.

How did they do? Shawn Bushnell won the Open Expert class and the Over-40 Expert class, Alison Bushnell won the Woman’s class and was third in the Over-40 Intermediates, Cody Brownfield was second in the 250 Pro class and second in the Open Expert class and Josh Fout won the Over-30 Vet Experts and came back to finished third in the Open Experts.

Bill Sauro (311) swept both motos of the Over-50 Expert class.

In more serious  news, 6D Helmet’s Robert Reisinger’s prognosis is much better than it was when he left the track a 12 daysago. The outlook for Robert’s recovery remains uncertain, given the severity of his injuries. His family remains optimistic, hoping for Robert to eventually transition off the ventilator and transfer to an in-patient rehabilitation facility.Robert has a lot of hard work ahead of him, but he is a fighter and has a fighting chance to get better with time.

Billy Joe Mercier (501) was second in the first Over-50 Expert moto, but in the second moto the rear hub on his KX450 broke and jammed the rear sprocket into the chain. Shawn Bushnell (58) won the Over-40 Experts and the Open Experts on MXA’s 2024-1/2 GasGas MC450F Factory Edition.

Sit back and enjoy the hard work of ace photographer Debbi Tamietti, who somehow manages to be everywhere on the track. She walks 22,000 steps per race day.

Joe Sutter (111) can’t wait to turn 65 years old. On that day, he can move out of the Over-60 Expert class and have a chance to win the Over-65 Experts.—but it won’t be easy.

Marc Crosby’s 4-2 tied with Mike Phillips 4-2. Jim Hanson took the Over-65 Intermediate win but only because Randy Skinner forgot to sign-up and won both motos going away..

Russell Brown (62) won the Over-50 Novice with a 4-1. Robert Morse won the first moto and went 1-4, but, amazingly, enough Russell’s 4-1 was good enough for the victory, but Robert’s 1-4 left him fourth overall when the first  four riders tied at 5 points each and Robert’s second moto score was the worst of the bunch.

David Willis (55) had a 5-4 day in the Over-65 Novice class. It wasn’t that many years ago that there was no such thing as an Over-65 class—let alone Novices, Intermediates and Experts. That’s Over-65 Intermediate Pete Vetrano (37) closing in on him. Pete went 5-3 for fourth in his class. 

Shawn Khacherian (81) had a safe and sane day in the Over-60 Novice class.

Andy Rose (753) went for the black and white look on his way to third in the Over-50 Intermediates.

Madison Yarnell (26) went 4-4 for fourth overall in the Pee-Wee First Timers class. 

This unidentifed YZ85 riders gets a good look at the back portion of the Arroyo track. This part of the track has lots of ups and down with even more awaiting on the other side of the ridge in the background.


If you are looking for a racing organization that offers long motos, low cost and very consistent race schedule—this is it. “Saturday at the Glen” motocross will race again on June 1, June 15 and July 6. Pre-entry is only $30 ($25 for minis). Post entry is $40 ($30 for minis) on the day of the race. The Gate fee is $10 (per person). You can sign up for the next “Saturday at the Glen” motocross as late as the Friday before the next race (or just show up in person on race day). For more info go to www.glenhelen.com

Jan. 13…National track
Jan. 20…Arroyo track
Feb. 3…Arroyo track
Feb. 24…Arroyo track
Mar. 16…National track
Mar. 23…Arroyo track
Apr. 13…Arroyo track
May 4…National track
May 11…Arroyo track
June 1…Arroyo track
June 15…Arroyo track
Jul. 6…National track
Jul. 20…National track
Aug. 3…Arroyo track
Aug. 24…National track
Sept.14…Arroyo track
Oct. 5…National track
Oct. 19…Arroyo track
Oct. 26…Arroyo track
Nov. 16…National track
Nov. 23…National track
Dec. 7…Arroyo track
Dec. 21…National track


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