“Enjoy the dust and the noise and the sun,” aptly defines Glen Helen, but we would add, “and the wind.” 

One morning, before the gates to the track opened up, the MXA wrecking crew was inside getting set-up for a busy day of testing—when Jody disappeared for an hour. When he came walking back the gang asked him where he had gone, he said that he went on walk to shoot photos of all the signs on the giant Glen Helen plot of land. Sure enough, he showed us the photos of Lori’s dog park, Arroyo tower, “Baddest Track in the Land” sign, two Tom White inspired memorials, the “Beware of Rattlesnakes” sign, “Showers” sign (we never knew there were showers at Glen Helen) and many more. Here they are? Take a walk one day and see what other signs you can spot.

Take our word for it, they are there.

Yes, spigot is not spelled spicket, but dogs can’t read. But “spigot” would be a good name for your next dog.

The world is always made better by art.

The doors to the Glen Helen Museum.

What you see when you walk through the spectator tunnels. There are three Hollywood sign-style Glen Helen signs; This one is on Talladega, another is on the hill above the “Arroyo Vet Track” track and there is a Pee-Wee-sized one on the Pee-Wee track.

What if she doesn’t want to go?

Tom White is memorialized on the Glen Helen Walk of Fame with a giant monument.

But the little people, memorialize him with trash can art.

The World Vet is coming up again in November..

You have to be desperate to drink water out of a fire hose.

Glen Helen has two full-size motocross tracks—the National track and the Arroyo Vet Track. The “Arroyo” track is on the exact land where Arroyo Cycle Park sat in the 1970s. It was the location of the first-ever 125 National Championship race. 

In the summer, the “Walk of Fame” is a shady tree-line harbor of tranquility. In the winter, not so much.

It would be a full-time job to try an enforce these rules.

They aren’t hidden, but first you gotta find this sign.



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