dubachtwo-strokeDoug Dubach (15) loves his two-strokes and he loves Glen Helen. He’ll be there.

There will be Two-Stroke Invitational race at the Glen Helen AMA 250/450 National on May 23.  It will be on the same day as the AMA National and held before the first motos of the AMA National. There will be no track changes for the two-stroke class — whatever the National Pros race on the two-strokes will race on.

(1) The race: Glen Helen is holding the National Two-Stroke Invitational because Glen Helen wants to support the two-stroke movement and they believe that the spectators will enjoy seeing and hearing the sights and sounds of these machines. This support class is still accepting entries (which are free and include two tickets, pit passes and parking permits).

(2) Field: This is an invitational race and the field will be limited 40 riders. You don’t have to be invited. You can apply to be in the race. If you would would like to enter the race, or know a fast rider who would love to race in front of 20,000 fans, have him contact Glen Helen. More info below.

(3) Displacement: There are no displacement limits — 125cc, 150cc, 250cc, 300cc and 500cc are allowed. If you’ve got a two-stroke, it will be legal at the Glen Helen National.

(4) Automatic qualifiers: After the April 4th World Two-Stroke Championships, where the top ten riders were guaranteed spots in the Glen Helen National Two-Stroke exhibition race, Mike Sleeter, Colton Haacker, Killy Rusk, Sean Lipanovich, Tevin Tapia, Preston Mull, Griffin Dexter, Scott Champion, Dalton Shirey  and Colton Udall were all seeded. But, several of these riders plan to race the 250/450 AMA National classes on that weekend — which opens more spots for other riders.

(5) Getting invited: Glen Helen wants to insure that all riders who get into the race are capable of racing on a National track against fast competition. Thus, first priorities are as follows:
a. Riders with current AMA Pro licenses.
b. Former AMA Pro riders.
c. A/B-class Loretta Lynn/NMA riders.
d. GNCC/WORCS/Baja/offroad Pro riders.
e. Riders with solid race credentials from local races (and that might included up-and-coming Intermediates).

(6) Opportunity. This is an excellent chance for young riders with AMA National aspirations to get a feel of what a real AMA National feels like. The selection process will be aimed at not just a good show for the fans, but also the well-being of the riders who enter.

(7) No entry fee: There will be no entry fee for the two-stroke racers. Plus, each rider will receive two free armbands for them and their mechanic/helper/etc to get into the event.

(8) Format: This is a one-moto race that will be the first official race of the day — it will be before the AMA 250/450 Pro motos start, but after the AMA National’s timed qualifying and the Last Chance qualifiers. The two-stroke riders will get their own practice sessions.

(9) Entries: For more information or to request consideration, email Lori at Glen Helen at [email protected].


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