With the world being in such an unfamiliar place, there are not many places people can escape to. The motocross community finds sanity at the local motocross tracks. During this time, some tracks were forced to shut down due to the Coronavirus outbreak, while others stayed open and limited their spectator access and enforced social distancing rules. Riders were told to stand six feet apart, park far away from each other and so on to keep people both safe and sane by allowing them a place to ride.

If you have been outside in the last month you would think its labor day weekend every day as the countless number of trucks and RVs roll their way out to the desert to shred some fresh dirt. Especially with all this rain in SoCal, the dirt had premium traction with no dust.

Nothing is going to stop people from gathering together to ride dirt bikes—not even COVID-19. With the few tracks that were still open, at least they had rules for riders to abide by. In the desert, it is like the wild west—anything goes.

Unfortunately, the tracks that were still open like LACR and Cal City MX had to shut their doors due to one person who didn’t think it was right.  They felt it was their duty to call law enforcement officials on these tracks informing them that they were allegedly violating the governments’ guidelines. This was not just anyone, it was a race promoter. This promoter has already been banned from most tracks in SoCal already do to his actions. The SoCal tracks got to together and wrote the letter below:


The COVID-19 virus has changed the world in the last month and everyone has had major changes to their lives such as no work, no school, no concerts, and no sporting events, including no off-road riding or racing.

We as racetrack promoters have felt the impact of not having practice or racing every day or weekend. Most of the racetrack facilities had to close in California. There were a few tracks that were able to remain open since they are privately owned. These few facilities allowed riders to come out and practice, with recommended precautions and guidelines like remaining six feet apart, no spectators, etc., plus all riders in full rider gear, including helmets, goggles, gloves, etc. Riders are probably safer than doctors and nurses who have to treat COVID-19 patients. These tracks were providing some stress relief and exercise to the riders while following the guidelines set by the governor allowing exercise during these times.  As we all know, the rules have been changing rapidly.

That all ended this last weekend when a fellow promoter allegedly called law enforcement on these tracks, informing them that they were violating the guidelines.  That may have been true depending on your interpretation, but to have someone in our own small industry turn in an MX track is something we cannot accept. There is irrefutable evidence that this promoter called on at least one track and his actions lead us to believe he called on several others. All race promoters work together throughout the year to make sure race schedules are coordinated as well as possible so that racers and riders can support all of the promoters. This includes the promoter in question. We are a small community of promoters, racers, sponsors, and fans of this unique sport of motocross, and to have one of our own using this virus to make sure all facilities are shut down is unacceptable. This promoter has several events in Southern and Northern California.  After years of unethical behavior and situations that have negatively affected our entire industry, we request that our MX community does not support this promoter since he does not support us.  – The SoCal Motocross Community.

Please be safe and healthy during these uncertain times. We look forward to seeing everyone riding and racing again soon!

The following tracks have already made the decision that this promoter will not be welcomed at their facilities any longer.

-State Fair MX
-Perris Raceway
-JS 63 MX
-Glen Helen Raceway
-Cahuilla Creek Motocross
-Cal City MX Park


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