LMP_4010Bubba is finally back. He would qualify eighth and get 10th in the first moto. He would pull off in the second moto on the fourth lap. 11 points is still something.

DSC_3171_Brian-Converse_AUstin-Forkner_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Austin Forkner qualified eighth. DSC_3206Rookie Tristan Charboneau was among the returning.

LMP_3963_Brian-Converse_Ken-Roczen_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Ken Roczen does not like getting second place and to prove it he got the fastest qualifying time. He would later win with a 1-1 finish.

LMP_4167Eli Tomac couldn’t replicate his success in Southwick ending third overall.

LMP_4995_Brian-Converse_Trey-Canard_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Trey Canard was back too. He qualified fifth and would finish sixth overall.

LMP_4055_Brian-Converse_Justin-Barcia_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Justin Barcia qualified sixth and finished fifth.

LMP_4680_Brian-Converse_Jimmy-Decotis_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Jimmy Decotis qualified 18th in his second national this year. Regardless of his 35-18 finish, Decotis finished the day in 19th place.

LMP_4059Weston Peick was poised for a top 10 finish after qualifying 13th. A crash in the race ended his day and possibly his season.

LMP_4061_Brian-Converse_MArvin-Musquin_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Marvin Musquin fooled us when he qualified fourth. He finished the races second place.

LMP_4714_Brian-Converse_Alex-Martin_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Alex Martin was hiding his speed during qualifying. While he qualified eighth, he would go on to get the holeshot in both motos and finish third overall on the podium. Home advantage?

LMP_4122Cole Martinez.

LMP_5082Broc Tickle’s day ended short when he ran into Weston Peick.

LMP_4709_Brian-Converse_MArtin-Davalos_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Martin Davalos.

LMP_4725_Brian-Converse_Aaron-Plessinger_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Aaron Plessinger.

LMP_4943_Brian-Converse_Kyle Chisholm_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Kyle Chisholm.

LMP_4731_Brian-Converse_Mitch-Oldenburg_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Mitchell Oldenburg.

LMP_4873_Brian-Converse_Joey-Savatgy_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Joey Savatgy qualified first but was unable to make the podium.

LMP_4928_Brian-Converse_Weston-Peick_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Weston Peick.

LMP_5078_Brian-Converse_Eli-Tomac_Spring-Creek-Milville_2016Eli Tomac spreading the roost like butter.

Photos by Brian Converse.


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