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It should be noted that these are European models—not American versions. The American bikes often come with different transmissions, forks, gearing, spring rates, ride height and exhaust systems. You can expect that the 2015 KTM’s will get most of the mods directly off of the 2014 KTM 450SXF-FE Factory Edition III.


For some unknown reason, KTM has set an embargo date on releasing info about the 2015 models, but then they let a shop in Salzburg, Austrian, release these photos.


The new color combo, borrowed from the factory Edition III, is clean and bright. The white highlights do a ood job of breaking up the orange palette—which is more  overpowering with the orange frame.


KTM has always had trouble with leaks from their dealer network in Europe and 2015 is no different. And Austrian dealer released spy photos of the bike and the tech sheet from the 2015 dealer book. This info was picked up by European media outlets and others as far away as Australia. It has spread world-wide. Thus, we are showing it to you to keep you even with riders from Munich and Sydney.


This technical bulletin is for European models and, since Euro models and American models differ quite a bit, you can’t take this for the gospel (if you read German). The list of changes are the same as on the Factory Edition III—new offset at the fork dropout lug, smaller front axle, smaller steerer tube, new fork guards,  longer shock with longer linkage and new bell crank from the Factory Edition III, black Excel rims, Dunlop MX52 tires, new forks (the Euro bikes will have the old-style bladder forks, while the American bikes will get the 4CS forks off of the factory Edition III).


There are no guarantees in the spy photo world, but this bike is right out of a crate (note the lever protectors and the missing footpegs).



Photos: Hauthaler KTM, Derestricted

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