Let’s face it, barring some catastrophic bike or body situations, the 2022 AMA Supercross Championship is over (even if it does have four races left to run). With the injury to Cameron McAdoo on Friday’s press day and the double DNFs of Pierce Brown in motos one and two of the St. Louis 250 East race, no one is in position to catch Jett Lawrence in the remaining 250 East races. The same holds true for Eli Tomac in the 450 class. Even though he only had one good moto (the third one, in St. Louis), he still gained points on his closest rivals—who aren’t so close anymore.

However, the races must go on and all the fans can hope for is that the also-rans suddenly come to life, as R.J. Hampshire and Marvin Musqin did at the St. Louis Triple crown race. The results were shocking, but well deserved for both riders. Hampshire got his first-ever 250 Supercross win and Musquin proved the naysayers wrong in three ways: (1) For riding above his pay grade at Team KTM, where he is listed as the third man on the orange totem pole. (2) For mastering the whoops that have stymied him for 10 years. (3) For standing on the top step of a podium that no one ever believed he would ever set foot on again.

Let’s hope that the rest of the 250 and 450 riders get inspiration from what R.J. and Marvin did in St. Louis

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