KENARM2Ken Roczen has one surgery left before he is on the mend from his bad crash at A2.

Colton Aeck – Colton crashed in Texas breaking his ribs, shoulder and two vertabra.
Phil Nicoletti – Phil crashed in practice in Texas. Injured his ankle. No word on when he will be back.
Justin Brayton – Justin crashed in the first turn in Dallas and suffered a concussion. If he passes the concussion test, he will be allowed to race this weekend.
Josh Grant
 Josh crashed in the sand section in Oakland and hurt his thumb.
Weston Peick Wrist. Most likely will not be back until the Nationals.
Ken Roczen Dislocated elbow, dislocated wrist and compound radius after his crash in A2. He will be out for the season.
Christophe Pourcel He has been sick and has lingering injuries. Dean Wilson took his place and Pourcel will take some time off and race the Canadian Nationals.
Justin Barcia Wrist injury. Replaced by Jake Weimer. Will return this weekend in Minneapolis.
Zac Commans – Wrist.
Tyler Bowers Broken femur in Phoenix, then his bike hit Jeremy Martin (Martin was back in Texas).
Josh Hansen Concussion from his crash in Oakland.
Jeremy Martin Suffered a concussion in Phoenix and looks to be back this weekend.
Mitchell Oldenburg – Broke his collarbone in practice in San Diego.
Colt Nicholls – Broken leg. Replaced by Dan Reardon.
Bradley Taft – Concussion while practicing after San Diego.
Matt Biscelgia – Broken foot. Replaced by Kyle Peters.
Chase Sexton – Broke his wrists before the season started and hoped to be rady for the 250 East, but has decided to skip Minneapolis


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