An excellent package that handles off road riding conditions with ease. The SWM RS 500 has been well received since it’s release. The trail bike category has been stale for far too long and now there are options for riders who prefer to ride recreationally rather than race. We’re talking about riders who love trail riding but don’t necessarily want a cutting edge race bike. These bikes have good suspension and great engines that combine for an excellent package that handles off road riding conditions with ease. The SWM RS500 is Euro3 and Euro4 legal and has 501cc, water-cooled with fan, fuel-injected engine — six-speed transmission, hydraulic clutch, 260mm front rotor and Kayaba suspension.SWM SM500
The SWM SM500 model is 50-state legal street bike equipped with 17-inch wheels, 320mm front rotor and six-speed transmission. t can be used for Supermoto racing, but SWM thinks it is an excellent single-cylinder 500cc road bike.SWM SUPERDUAL X
SWM SuperDual X is a 600cc four-stroke adventure bike with a 21-inch front tire, 18-inch rear, six-speed transmission, hydraulic clutch, 43mm Fast Ace forks, Sachs rear shock, 300m front rotor, 3.2 gallon fuel tank and windscreen.

SWM tried to break in the American market two years ago, but getting approval from the EPA for their dual-sport and street models held them up. To facilitate the Italian brand’s debut in the U.S. market, SWM has decided to start with only a couple models at first.For more information about SWM Motorcycles go to www.motomandistributing.com


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