If you watch a lot of Supercross races, you begin to notice that most of the track are the same. Oh, this one will have a right-hand first turn and that one will have a left, but the basic layout is never so unique that you think,”This is something different.” In fact, they are basically made up of long sections of rhythm jumps, spiced up with step-on/step-off obstacles and the much hated dragonback. There are less and less “wheels on the ground” sections and all the corners are baned, which forces the riders to go high. Why no flat corners?

Over the years the tracks have become boring—with an occasional winning design.  The best years for Supercross track design, was when they asked the riders to design them. However, other than Ricky Carmichael at Daytona, the Supercross promoters haven’t really pursued the ideas that the riders had with any regularity. Well, Anaheim 1 is a new breed of track. It is circuitous. It uses the start straight five times. It combines all the things they fans like, with the possibility of excellent passing opportunities. Yes, it does have a Dragonback, but we expect it to be drastically changed before the racing begins on Saturday night.

Does that mean it will be a great track? Not necessarily, but the Supercross promoters can still be applauded for trying something different—and, hopefully, they can carry the good things on in the future.

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