This is the tower for the automobile races at the Assen TT Circuit. It provides a lovely view for the big spenders and Youthstream big wigs.

MXA’s Dennis Stapleton took the opportunity on Friday morning to take a walk around the Assen MXDN racetrack. Here is what Staposaw.

The front straight passes by the grandstands going one way and comes back next to the tower going the other way.

The understated and conservative British fans are always a delight to see at a race. Proper decorum at all times.

With the VIP boxes on the right you can see how much Dutch beach sand was poured on the race track. Best of all, the promoters didn’t have to drive to the beach to get the sand. They dug it out of the ground behind the grandstands.

With a chance of rain and the temperatures in the 60s, the Goggle Lane might see some use. Although the goggle rule doesn’t go into effect until next year, the promoters frown on riders continuing on if they have thrown their goggles away.

The actual paved race car track is visible on the right.

This is a nice looking jump, but after practice it will be a lumpy mound of sand— if experience is any judge.

Obviously the track is a little too straight for this to be a berm, instead, this bank of sand is used to keep the riders away from the mechanics area to the left.

The starting gate has one more VIP area behind it.


The riders will start on a metal grid that insures that every rider, even those who are terrible starters, will get off the gate. After that, they are on their own.

There are qualifying races on Saturday to choose which countries will be in the A-Main and which will race in the B-Main (the team that wins the B-Main gets to join the A-main teams in the actual three motos of the MXDN). The starting spots are donen by a drawing—and as you will see, it can hurt you to be on the outside.

Poland will get first pick at the gate with Lithuania second and Puerto Rico third. The first major contending team is Belgium with 8th pick, followed by Australia 13th, Germany 26th, Holland 27th, France 29th, United Sates 31st and Great Britain 33rd. The last gate pick went to Team Russia in 34th.


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