WHAT IS IT? The new 2020 Moose Racing Agroid line of gear has officially entered Moose into the rapidly growing market of athletic-fit motocross gear. The Agroid gear comes on an all-new performance chassis that was built from the ground up with maximum comfort and mobility in mind. You might recognize the Agroid graphic design, as it was previously produced on Moose Racing’s M1 chassis in 2019. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $49.95 (jersey), $139.95 (pants).

CONTACT? or your local dealer. 

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Moose Racing Agroid gear.

(1) Jersey. The new Moose Racing Agroid jersey comes on a lightweight, stretch chassis made with 89-percent polyester and 11-percent elastane materials. The fabric dries quickly and is soft to the touch, which makes it comfortable to wear and great for hot days. Rubber-lined, laser-cut holes were added for ventilation near the sleeves, while a round stretch collar allows for easy removal of the jersey. The non-restrictive stretch cuffs provide additional comfort in the wrist area. The tail of the jersey extends 3 inches longer, and it features a silicone-grip Moose logo to help keep the jersey tucked in. 

(2) Pants. The Moose Racing Agroid pants have a simple design for a comfortable fit. Lightweight and durable stretch-polyester material is used throughout the chassis to allow unrestricted mobility. The double-layer knee system uses an extended 11-inch by 5-inch leather knee guard with a stretchable rip-stop material in the knee and seat areas to ensure durability in places of constant chafing. Just as on the Agroid jersey, laser-cut vent holes were added above the knees and at the top corners of the pant’s seat for ventilation. The waist uses a click-type closure with a small, Velcro, sans-a-belt-style adjuster on each side. The three-way adjustment system works together with a 360-degree silicone grip material on the inside of the waistband for a secure fit. 

(3) Fit. The new Agroid pants are tailored for a snug fit. This would usually hinder mobility, but the stretchable fabric allowed the pants to move easily when we stuck our legs out in corners. MXA test riders did remark that the seat of the pants had extra material when standing in the pits, but on the track it wasn’t noticeable. The jersey sleeves fit snugly on the arms, so much so that it spooked some test riders who suffer from arm pump. Luckily, the stretchable material made it a non-issue on the track. We were especially thankful for the breathability and light weight of the gear on hot days.


(4) Durability. Moose Racing gear is known to stand the test of time, and the new race-inspired Agroid gear meets that standard. The double-layer knee system was a highlight, as it held up to the constant abrasion between our knee braces and radiator shrouds. 

(5) Options. The Moose Racing Agroid gear is available in four different colorways, with the jerseys ranging in sizes from small to triple extra large. The pant sizes range from 28- to 42-inch waists.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Compared to the 2019 Agroid gear, which was built on the M1 chassis, you’ll find the all-new 2020 Agroid gear to be much lighter, more breathable, more flexible and seriously updated.  The 2020 Agroid gear has updated graphics this season as well.

MXA RATING: Moose Racing gear is known to be heavy duty and durable. Be forewarned, this isn’t Moose Racing’s Sahara, M1 or Qualifier gear. It is the lightweight, form-fitting, stretchable stuff the young guns want nowadays.

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