Photos & words by Scott Mallonee

Zach Osborne FC250--20Zach Osborne’s factory Rockstar Husqvarna FC250.

Zach Osborne FC250--27This is Dave Feeney. He is a veteran wrench of the sport and the man responsible for Zach’s machine. 

Zach Osborne FC250--29The internal details of Zach FC250 engine were not disclosed other than the engine modifications were done in-house by factory Husky. Dave did mention that the piston and connecting rod were Pankl parts

Zach Osborne FC250--6The rear brake system includes a Factory Brembo caliper, Galfer 240mm rotor and a blue anodized caliper relocation bracket.

Zach Osborne FC250-The front brake includes a Factory Brembo caliper with a 260mm Galfer wave rotor. 

Zach Osborne FC250--28The stock airbox of the Husky FC250 can’t breathe, so Dave drills holes in the airbox to allow the engine to breathe freely improving power. 

Zach Osborne FC250--18Zach’s footpeg are custom titanium pegs built by Raptor

Zach Osborne FC250--7The muffler is a FMF Factory 4.1 titanium slip-on RCT was a carbon fiber tip. 

Zach Osborne FC250--8The FMF Megabomb header mates with the FMF muffler. The FMF system is especially supplied to the Husqvarna factory race team. 

Zach Osborne FC250--10The WP forks are 50mm Cone Valve spring forks. 

Zach Osborne FC250--19Zach’s Pro Taper bars are built to his personal preference. The grips have a custom diameter and individual grip radius to match Zach’s specification. 

Zach Osborne FC250--3Zack runs Dunlop tires, Excel A60 rims with tubes.

Zach Osborne FC250--2The hubs are made by Talon but the wheels are built by Dubya.

Zach Osborne FC250--4Zach runs a Factory Brembo hydraulic clutch. 

Zach Osborne FC250--22Zach and his bike. 

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