(1) Consistent program. Preparation and execution of the right fitness and nutrition program are key, and not just for racing success but for success in life. A steady training and nutrition program developed over time will allow you to create consistent gains in health and fitness. These gains will cross over when you are on the bike, and you will have more endurance and stamina each time race day hits.

(2) Over-training. Avoid over-training the week of race day. Don’t try to catch up before race day when it comes to fitness. Fitness takes time to build. So, if you’ve missed a day or two of training, don’t stress. It won’t ruin your race-day performance as long as you have been consistent in the weeks and months prior. Trying to play catch-up will overly fatigue and exhaust your body. If anything, you should be taking it easy so you are fully charged and ready to race.

(3) Support. Support and accountability create consistency and quicker progression in the sport. Whether it’s trainers, nutritionists, mechanics or mom and dad, they are all an important piece of the puzzle. Everyone needs a dedicated team making sure all the pieces are in place‚ especially on race day. Your focus should be on the race and not worrying about anything else. No one can be successful in the sport of motocross without help.

(4) Stay focused. There is a huge mental battle that a lot of riders face. They head to the track and spend a lot of time comparing themselves to other riders. This can motivate some riders, but for most it gives them anxiety that can be mentally draining. Focus on developing and improving your own skills. Comparing yourself to others is a waste of mental energy. The results are the only comparison that matters.

(5) Sleep. Sleep is extremely important. During sleep, your body produces hormones that help your muscles recover and produces more white blood cells to boost your immune system. Also, your oxygen intake during sleep will support recovery, mental focus and mood.

(6) Nutrition. Pre-pack your race-day food. What you eat can make or break your race-day performance by having a direct impact on your energy, focus and recovery. Make sure you fuel up in the morning with a hearty breakfast and have lunch and snacks handy throughout the day. Consistent fueling helps you avoid “hitting the wall.”

(7) Fluids. Make sure you’re getting enough water and electrolytes every day, not just on the days leading up to a race. Even mild dehydration can lead to problems such as muscle cramping, slower muscle response and increased fatigue. All of this can result in as much as a 20-percent drop in performance. We recommend mixing your water with an electrolyte powder, like Ryno Power’s Hydration Fuel, to help you retain the water more efficiently.

(8) Mindset. Motocross is a mental sport, more so than most people think. What you choose to focus on plays a critical role in your success, especially what you think about on race day. Don’t worry about negative things that might happen; instead, remember all the hard work you have put in and focus on bringing your best.

(9) Warm up. Doing a warm-up before heading to the gate is a great way to get your body temperature up. Your body isn’t as responsive early in the morning as it is later in the day. A short warm-up just before heading out for practice and the motos will stimulate your brain, kick up your cortisol and loosen tight muscles.

(10) Stretching. Stretching is something even the most sedentary human can benefit from. Everyone should make it a regular part of their lifestyle. Stretching not only helps with injury prevention, it improves recovery during and after racing. It increases blood circulation throughout the working muscle groups, not just the ones that body builders focus on. Flexibility is just as important as strength.


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