_dsc0911_usgp_jeffrey-herlings_glen-helen-2016The inner rut near the finish formed a canyon of dirt. Jeffrey Herlings was one of the only riders to take the inside of the “underground railroad” late in the race.

_dsc0251_usgp_eli-tomac_glen-helen-2016Eli Tomac had to come from behind in both motos to take the win.

_dsc1251Max Nagl (12) pulled the holeshot in the final moto of the 2016 MXGP season.

_dsc0207_usgp_antonio-tony-cairoli_glen-helen-2016Tony Cairoli may have lost the championship to Tim Gajser this year, but he put up a good fight in both motos.

_dsc9652_usgp_mitch-oldenburg_glen-helen-2016Mitchell Oldenburg’s day was hampered by a gnarly start crash in the first moto.

_dsc1534_usgp_tim-gajser_glen-helen-2016Tim Gajser worked hard to catch up to Tony Cairoli.

_dsc1000-1Jeremy Seewer was throwing whips all day. He would end the championship in second.

_dsc9734_usgp_geico-honda-jeremy-martin_glen-helen-2016Jeremy Martin would finish a solid second overall in his first outing with Geico Honda.

_dsc1884_usgp_tim-gajser_glen-helen-2016Tim Gajser’s home crowd followed him to Glen Helen. The Slovenian fans high-fived Gajser as track owner Bud Feldkamp snuck on by.

_dsc1587_usgp_antonio-tony-cairoli_eli-tomac_glen-helen-2016When this photo was taken Eli Tomac was building up the momentum to pass Tony Cairoli (222). Watch the pass here.

_dsc9588_usgp_250-start_glen-helen-2016Who wore the holeshot better, Jeffrey Herlings (1) or Austin Forkner (214)? Neither, because if you look closely at Austin Forkner’s front wheel, you’ll notice roost. Where is it coming from? Max Anstie.

_dsc8538_max-anstie-usgp-2016Max Anstie was looking for a third in the 250 championship, but Benoit Paturel’s sixth was enough to put him into the third position overall.

_dsc1786_usgp_eli-tomac_glen-helen-2016Eli Tomac rolls the finish for his final race before the break. 


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