The Aftermath presented by Shoei Premium Helmets.
Photos by Brian Converse.

Monster Energy GirlsTo start off the night, the “Monster Energy Girls” brought the heat to opening ceremonies in the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Josh Grant With all the new safety rules, its not too often you’ll see a rider throw a whip during opening ceremonies. But when they do, Josh Grant is the guy to focus on!

Justin BarciaRecently, the fans have been going crazy when Justin Barcia enters the stadium.

Ken RoczenAnd then you have Ken Roczen. Ken always can bring the fans to their feet.

Eli TomacEli Tomac throws a big one for the Arizona fans!

250 Start - ArizonaAfter all the opening ceremonies festivities came to a close, it was time to drop the gate!

Shane McElrath Shane McElrath jumped to the early lead, and eventually grabbed the 250 Heat one win.

Christian CraigChristian Craig also grabbed a good start and managed to hold down second place.

Adam CianciaruloAnd Adam Cianciarulo crossed the line in third.

Joey SavatgyIn 250 Heat two, the other points leader Joey Savatgy would crash hard in the whoops, and had to go straight to the LCQ.

Aaron PlessingerAaron Plessinger would capitalize on Joey Savatgy’s mistake, and take the win.

Mitchell OldenbergHis teammate, Mitchell Oldenberg would follow right behind him, and snag second.

Chase SextonAnd Chase Sexton would finish third in 250 Heat two.

Justin HillOn a positive note, defending 250 West Champion Justin Hill would finish forth.

450Now, onto the premiere class. 450 heat one was stacked!

Justin BraytonTo start off, Justin Brayton surprised everyone by taking his first Heat win of the season.

Ken RoczenBut Ken Roczen was not far behind, and finished second. Behind him was Eli Tomac in third.

Jason AndersonIn 450 Heat two, Jason Anderson virtually ran away with the win.

Malcolm Stewart“Factory fill in rider,” Malcolm Stewart clinched a positive second place finish.

Weston PeickWe’ve been seeing the best out of Weston Peick lately. In this Heat, he finished third.

Joey SavatgyIts unfortunate that we had to see a rider like Joey Savatgy in the LCQ. But luckily, he won this one with not one problem.

Benny Bloss

The LCQ’s have been racking up some big names over the past few weeks. Tall guy Benny Bloss would take the win in the 450 LCQ.

Chad ReedChad Reed would follow behind in second.

250 Start AZAnd after all the qualifying was all said and done, it was time for the mains events. Right off the bat, Joey Savatgy (bottom left) would pull the holeshot, and take the lead.

Shane McElrathBut Shane McElrath had other plans, and made the pass for the lead dropping Savatgy to second.

Joey SavatgyAfter a lap or so after loosing the lead to McElrath, Savatgy would also lose second place to the man featured above Aaron Plessinger and drop to third.

Joey SavatgyAfter getting passed twice, Savatgy would end up losing third to his teammate, Adam Cianciarulo after a crash. As you can probably tell, it was a rough night for the number 17.

Aaron PlessingerFast forward to the front, Aaron Plessinger made a clean pass for the lead on Shane McElrath, and took the win. Aaron is also back in the 250 West Points lead.

250 Podium AZOfficial results: Aaron Plessinger (1st), Shane McElrath (2nd), Adam Cianciarulo (3rd)


  1. Aaron Plessinger (YAM) – 92
  2. Shane Mcelrath (KTM) – 91 
  3. Joey Savatgy (KAW) – 81 
  4. Adam Cianciarulo (KAW) – 77 
  5. Christian Craig (HON) – 70 
  6. Chase Sexton (HON) – 69 
  7. Mitchell Oldenburg (YAM) – 58 
  8. Justin Hill (SUZ) – 58 
  9. Kyle Chisholm (YAM) – 53 
  10. Bradley Taft (YAM) – 51 
  11. Mitchell Harrison (HQV) – 44 
  12. Hayden Mellross (YAM) – 43 
  13. Phillip Nicoletti (SUZ) – 38
  14. Justin Starling (HQV) – 30 
  15. Dakota Alex (KTM) – 26
  16. Jean Ramos (YAM) – 26
  17. Cole Martinez (HQV) – 22
  18. Killian Auberson (KTM) – 22

  19. Justin Hoeft (YAM) – 19

  20. Ryan Breece (KAW) – 16

Ken RoczenAfter an exciting 250 Main Event, it was time to see what the 450 guys had to bring.

Eli TomacEli Tomac jumped to an early lead.

JAson AndersonCurrent 450 points leader Jason Anderson had quite a bit of ground to make up for getting a bad start. He would end up finishing 4th.

Ken RoczenKen Roczen has been quite consistent lately. He would end up finishing in third.

Justin BarciaThis guy has been without a doubt incredible. He managed to hold tight to leader Eli Tomac, and crossed the line in second place. With just a few more laps, we think he could’ve put some moves down.

Eli TomacThis is an Eli Tomac that we haven’t seen since last season. He rose to the occasion, and grabbed a win. Unfortunately, he’s still way down in the points. But every win counts.

Barcia TomacThis is something we like to see. Good sportsmanship! Justin Barcia hugs Eli Tomac after the 450 Main.

450 PodiumOfficial results: Eli Tomac (1st), Justin Barcia (2nd), Ken Roczen (3rd)


  1. Jason Anderson (HQV) – 89 Points
  2. Justin Barcia (YAM) – 80 Points
  3. Ken Roczen (HON) – 77 Points
  4. Weston Peick (SUZ) – 71 Points
  5. Cole Seely (HON) – 70 Points
  6. Justin Brayton (HON) – 68 Points
  7. Josh Grant (KAW) – 58 Points
  8. Blake Baggett (KTM) – 57 Points
  9. Marvin Musquin (KTM) – 54 Points
  10. Eli Tomac (KAW) – 53 Points
  11. Cooper Webb (YAM) – 52 Points
  12. Broc Tickle (KTM) – 49 Points
  13. Jeremy Martin (HON) – 36 Points
  14. Vince Friese (HON) – 35 Points
  15. Malcolm Stewart (SUZ) – 34 Points
  16. Chad Reed (HQV) – 28 Points
  17. Tyler Bowers (KAW) – 24 Points
  18. Kyle Cunningham (SUZ) – 20 Points
  19. Ben Lamay (HON) – 15 Points
  20. Alex Ray (YAM) – 15 Points
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