Photos by Spencer OwensSD SX 2018On a cloudy Saturday February 9th, the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Series landed in San Diego’s Petco Park for Round 6.

SD SX 2018Like every Monster Energy Supercross, practice is what starts off the day.

Christian CraigMost riders were kitted in Military themed gear to show support for our nations troops.

Justin HillIn the 250 sessions, defending 250 West Coast Champion Justin Hill clocked in the fastest time.

Eli TomacAnd in the 450’s, it was Eli Tomac on top for lap times. Only time would tell how the night show would pan out.

Monster GirlAfter the preliminaries slowly came to a close and the lights went out, it was time to begin the night show!

Justin BarciaJustin Barcia greets the SoCal fans during opening ceremonies.

Ken RoczenThe fans got extra loud when Ken Roczen rode in.

Marvin MusquinThe million dollar man, Marvin Musquin, was dressed in all gold for San Diego.

Davi MillsapsAfter the lights rose to begin the racing, we said goodbye to Davi Millsaps as he announced his retirement earlier in the week. We wish him all the best in his new career!

Monster GirlAfter all the stars of Supercross greeted the San Diego crowd, it was time to flip the 30 Second board.

Aaron PlessingerThis would be the last time we see the 250 West guys on the gate until Indianapolis for the “East West Shootout.” Current 250 points leader Aaron Plessinger got off to a rough start in 250 Heat 1, and crossed the line in 3rd.

Joey SavatgyWe were surprised to see Joey Savatgy in the night show after his practice crash. In Heat 1, he would follow behind his teammate and grab 2nd.

Adam CianciaruloAdam Cianciarulo would go on to win yet another Heat this season.

250 StartHeat 2 was on the line next. Alex Martin (26) would jump to the early lead.

Justin HillAfter a lap or two, Justin Hill would steal the lead and the eventual win.

Christian CraigChristian Craig followed closely behind for 2nd.

Chase SextonAnd Chase Sexton would end 250 Heat 2 with a 3rd.

Jason AndersonNext up was the 450 Heats. In Heat 1, Jason Anderson checked out and ran away with the win.

Justin BarciaJustin Barcia gave it all he had, but just couldn’t move out of 2nd.

Weston PeickAnd Weston Peick managed to hang on for a 3rd to round out 450 Heat 1.

Monster GirlMonster Energy Girl Kelly Celland held the board for 450 Heat 2.

Justin BogleThe scariest in our sport is getting landed on. Unfortunately for Justin Bogle, it become a reality. He was landed on by Ben Lamay, and the race was red flagged.

Blake BaggettAt the restart, Blake Baggett (4) nailed a flawless start, and finished 4th. Chad Reed (22) was getting good starts in San Diego.

Eli TomacEli Tomac crossed the line in 3rd.

Cole SeelyCole Seely landed in 2nd after making some aggressive moves.

Cooper WebbAnd Cooper Webb managed to grab his first Heat win of the season.

250 LCQNext on the list was the 250 LCQ.

Justin HeoftJustin Hoeft had a nasty crash in practice, and went down in his Heat. In the LCQ, he jumped to the early lead, but had another crash leaving him carted away.

Michael LeibAfter Hoeft crashed out of the lead, Hayden Mellross, Michael Leib, Ryan Breece, and Bradley Lionett got the final four transfer positions.

Ben LamayIn the 450 LCQ, Ben Lamay ran away with the win followed by Adam Entiknap, Kyle Cunningham and Dakota Tedder.

Alex MArtinAt last, it was time to start lining up for the Main’s. First up, 250!

Justin HillOff the gate and into the first turn, Joey Savatgy and Justin Hill ran up front until.

Adam CianciaruloAdam Cianciarulo stole the lead away and managed to check out. But the defending champ wasn’t going to let AC out of his sights.

Chase SextonChase Sexton mad an aggressive move on Joey Savatgy, and put himself in 3rd.

Adam CianciaruloEventually, Justin Hill made the move on Adam Cianciarulo and left him in 2nd.

Justin HillAnd Justin Hill would go on to win the 250 Main in San Diego! Here, he celebrates with his older brother and former pro, Josh Hill.

250 Podium SDOffcial results: Justin Hill (1st), Adam Cianciarulo (2nd) Chase Sexton (3rd).


  1. Aaron Plessinger–134
  2. Joey Savatgy–129
  3. Shane Mcelrath–117
  4. Adam Cianacirulo–116
  5. Chase Sexton–107
  6. Christian Craig–106
  7. Justin Hill–105
  8. Kyle Chisholm–83
  9. Mitchell Harrison–72
  10. Hayden Mellross–67

450 Main SDNext up, the 450 Main! In turn one, there was a massive pileup taking out Eli Tomac, Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen. Tomac would immediately ride off into the tunnel calling it a night.

Cooper WebbEarly on, Cooper Webb would run into some trouble with Ken Roczen. They both crashed. Cooper Webb finished 19th, and Ken Roczen didn’t finish due to casualties from the crash.

Chad ReedWe haven’t talked much about this guy in recent weeks. He got a solid jump off the gate, and held down 3rd for multiple laps until making a mistake and falling back to 13th.

Justin barciaThis was definitely not the night that Justin Barcia had in mind. His rear brake fell off, and he had to muscle through it. He finished 8th.

Cole SeelyBack to the front. Cole Seely jumped to the early lead, followed by current points leader Jason Anderson in 2nd. After awhile, Jason Anderson would make the move on Cole, and take over the lead. Cole Seely dropped back to 4th.

Blaker BaggettBlake Baggett took advantage of everyone’s mistakes, and put the “RMATVMC” KTM in 3rd.

Marvin MusquinIts been since Anaheim 1 that Marvin Musquin has been on the podium. In San Diego, he finished 2nd.

Jason AndersonAnd “El Hombre” (Jason Anderson) ended up on top once again in 2018.

Justin BarciaPhotographer Spencer Owens caught a glimpse of a very frustrated Justin Barcia after the race was done.

450 PodiumOfficial results: Jason Anderson (1st), Marvin Musquin (2nd), Blake Baggett (3rd).


  1. Jason Anderson (Hus)…141
  2. Justin Barcia (Yam)…113
  3. Cole Seely (Hon)…106
  4. Ken Roczen (Hon)…102
  5. Blake Baggett (KTM)…99
  6. Justin Brayton (Hon)…99
  7. Weston Peick (Suz)…96
  8. Marvin Musquin (KTM)…96
  9. Josh Grant (Kaw)…83
  10. Broc Tickle (KTM)…82

Jason AndersonCan anyone stop Jason Anderson? Find out next week in Arlington, Texas.


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