opening 2019 Oakland Supercross races-7192This is what dreams are made of. Opening ceremonies in Raiders’ Stadium.

Photos by Daryl Ecklund
Story by Josh Mosiman


Round four of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season was another exciting one. For the first time in the 2019 season we didn’t have any outside variables interfering with the race. We were back to the standard format, the weather was perfect and there weren’t any red flags stopping the race. The track in Oakland was challenging and rutted which made for great racing. After three rounds we hadn’t had a repeat winner in either class, but Cooper Webb and Adam Cianciarulo put an end to that, they both won their second race of the year. Even though we didn’t have new winners, Saturday night in Oakland wasn’t short on excitement. MXA was in NorCal to document the craziness from round four on the 2019 Supercross series. How would it all shake down? Find out here in Motocross Action’s “The Aftermath.”

cooper webb 2019 Oakland Supercross main event-9685Cooper Webb wins his second 450 Supercross main event, only one week after his first ever 450 win! He led every lap, but that doesn’t mean the race was boring. Cooper’s teammate Marvin Musquin made it interesting by closing the massive gap on his young teammate to just seven tenths of a second at the finish line.

Cooper Webb_450 podium_2019 Oakland Supercross -9794KTM swept the podium in Oakland. Cooper Webb led the race from wire to wire while Marvin Musquin and Blake Baggett fought their way to the front.

Cooper Webb_2019 Oakland Supercross -9213Things were close on the final lap of the 450 main event. Our hearts were racing as we watched the underdog Cooper Webb hold off his more experienced teammate and take the win.


Cooper Webb: “This track, for the main it got really tough. I’d say besides the main everybody was pretty close in practice. The whoops were tough all day. To me the track was totally different when it broke down. We were all doing the same rhythms and pretty identical times, so once it broke down I think the track was a lot more race-able and we could have our strong points and stuff. It was cool for me, obviously another win is pretty awesome.”

Cooper Webb_450 start_2019 Oakland Supercross -9110Cooper Webb grabbed the holeshot and led every lap of the 450 main event. At one point he was a full straightaway ahead of second place. He settled in, almost a little too much, which allowed Marvin Musquin to catch him on the last lap. But Cooper held his composure and won his second ever 450 main event, one week after his first 450 win. 

Marvin Musquin: “You never know what’s going to happen when you’re racing like that with a track like tonight. From practice to the main it’s so much different, especially those whoops. You see some guys that kill it in the whoops in practice and coming into the main event it’s a different story. It’s super rough and technical and you got to be creative. That’s where I think I was able to do pretty good.”

Marvin Musquin_2019 Oakland Supercross -9365Marvin Musquin ran second behind Webb early in the main event before he lost the front end in a corner and went down. He picked his bike up in fourth, a long ways behind Webb and he came back to pass Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen and catch right up to Webb at the checkered flag to finish second.

Marvin Musquin_battle_2019 Oakland Supercross -9470Marvin charged through the pack and put on an awesome show for the fans. We expect him to get his first win of 2019 soon.

Adam Cianciarulo: “I’ve kind of struggled on the softer dirt and I’d say the transitions here were super steep and obviously the whoops were bad…” “It broke down a lot and the track was tough to ride too. There was something about it, two sets of whoops and the wall was a little bit hard with the sand right after. It was tough.”

Adam Cianciarulo 2019 Oakland Supercross main event-8920Adam Cianciarulo is the first 250 rider to win two main events in 2019. He was third around the first turn and made quick passes right away to lead every lap of the main event.

Blake Baggett_2019 Oakland Supercross main event-7936 Blake Baggett wins the hard charger award of the night. He came from fifteenth on the start to finish on the podium in third. When the rest of the field starting jumping through the rutted and sketchy whoop sections, Blake elected to continue skimming through them and he gained a lot of time. 

Blake said: “I’m terrible at jumping,(through the whoops) just gonna put it out there. So I’m just gonna stick to closing my eyes and trying to skim as long as I can and I skimmed all night. I just kept sending it in there and that’s been my strong point recently.”


  1. Cooper Webb
  2. Marvin Musquin
  3. Blake Baggett
  4. Eli Tomac
  5. Ken Roczen
  6. Dean Wilson
  7. Justin Barcia
  8. Justin Brayton
  9. Chad Reed
  10. Justin Bogle

Eli Tomac_2019 Oakland Supercross -9301After crossing the finish line in tenth on the first lap, Eli Tomac fought through the pack to get up to third before Marvin Musquin and Blake Baggett passed him. Eli would then pass Roczen with two laps to go and finish fourth.

Joey Savagty_2019 Oakland Supercross -9228After finishing sixteenth at Anaheim 1, suffering a concussion in Glendale and placing eighth at Anaheim 2. Joey Savagty found his another gear in Oakland, he grabbed a second place start in 450 heat one and after Cooper Webb stalled his bike Joey found himself in the lead. Roczen put pressure on Savagty, but the 450 rookie was able to hold on and win his first 450 heat race. In the main event, Joey was fifth on the first lap. He passed Aaron Plessinger and Justin Bogle to get into third. Then Musquin went down which gave Joey second place. He ran second for only one lap before his bike broke which caused him to DNF. 

Joey Savatgy 2019 Oakland Supercross -9436Savatgy pushing his bike off the track after his bike failed in the main. 

Ken Roczen_2019 Oakland Supercross -9399After Musquin went down and Savagty’s bike broke, Ken Roczen found himself in second. But he wasn’t able to stay there. Musquin, Baggett and Tomac were all able to pass Ken which resulted in a fifth place for the German. 


  1. Cooper Webb-83
  2. Ken Roczen-81
  3. Eli Tomac-80
  4. Marvin Musquin-79
  5. Justin Barcia-72
  6. Dean Wilson-69
  7. Blake Baggett-66
  8. Cole Seely-56
  9. Justin Brayton-52
  10. Aaron Plessinger-49

Cooper Webb 2019 Oakland Supercross -9308For his first time in the 450 class, Cooper Webb is the points leader! He will be running the red plate at round 5 in San Diego. The top four are still super close, with only four points separating them. 

Ken Roczen_2019 Oakland Supercross -9714Roczen said via Instagram: “Tonight was not good for me. I ended up fifth after a terrible race. I am not going to let this distract me. We will bounce back!”

Eli Tomac_2019 Oakland Supercross -9718Eli Tomac has said multiple times this year that he wants to be smart and in the fight for the championship when it counts. With that being said it was weird to watch Musquin pass Eli and pull away. The championship favorite is still missing a main event win this year and we are betting it comes sooner than later. 

Adam Cianciarulo_2019 Oakland Supercross -8864Adam Cianciarulo meant business in Oakland. He wasn’t going to take no for an answer and it worked out for him. He knew he needed to make up time in the whoops sections and he found the speed he needed to win his second main event of the year.

Adam Cianciarulo 2019 Oakland Supercross main event-8566Although Adam almost lost the win in the sand section. 

Dylan Ferrandis_2019 Oakland Supercross -8887Dylan Ferrandis was seventh on the first lap. But with his impressive speed in the back-to-back whoop sections, he came through the pack to finish second, only 2.570 seconds behind Adam Cianciarulo. Dylan hasn’t won yet, but he’s only five points behind his teammate in the championship standings. 

250 podium_2019 Oakland Supercross -8999Adam Cianciarulo takes the top spot on the podium sandwiched in between the two Star Racing Yamaha teammates. 


  1. Adam Cianciarulo
  2. Dylan Ferrandis
  3. Colt Nichols
  4. Shane McElrath
  5. Jacob Hayes
  6. Cameron McAdoo
  7. Michael Mosiman
  8. Garrett Marchbanks
  9. Chris Blose
  10. Sean Cantrell

Colt Nichols grabbed the holeshot in the 250 main event, but after he bobbled in the second corner, it was Cameron McAdoo who took over the lead. Adam Cianciarulo passed Colt in the next rhythm lane and he passed McAdoo quickly as well to take the lead. 

Colt Nichols_2019 Oakland Supercross -8856Colt Nichols is proving to be a serious Championship contender. After winning at Anaheim 1 he has continued to stay on the podium with a second and two thirds. Nichols is riding consistent right now. He is still leading the 250 championship by three points and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be distracted easily. 

So far in 2019 Adam Cianciarulo has  gone 5-1-5-1 at the first four rounds. After winning in Oakland, Adam sits second in the 250 west championship point standings, only three behind Colt Nichols.


  1. Colt Nichols-91
  2. Adam Cianciarulo-88
  3. Shane McElrath-87
  4. Dylan Ferrandis-86
  5. Rj Hampshire-67
  6. Cameron McAdoo-58
  7. Chris Blose-58
  8. Jacob Hayes-55
  9. Michael Mosiman-55
  10. James Decotis-52

Shane McElrath_2019 Oakland Supercross -8796Shane McElrath grabbed the holeshot in his heat race and was landed on directly after the first turn by Enzo Lopes. Luckily he did a summersault over a tough block and landed on his feet. He got up, remounted quickly and came back to finish sixth in the heat race. In the main, Shane ran up in third for a few laps before Ferrandis got around him. Shane finished fourth and he now sits third in points, only four behind Colt Nichols. 

Colt Nichols_Dylan Ferrandis_2019 Oakland Supercross -8691Dylan Ferrandis caught up to his teammate Colt Nichols and he ran into him in an attempt to make the pass. But Nichols was able to hold Ferrandis off through the next set of whoops and into the corner where Dylan squared it up and wheelied over the single to pass Colt down the straightaway. 

Cole Seely_2019 Oakland Supercross -9262Cole Seely was on fire all day in Oakland, he qualified second behind his teammate Ken Roczen and in the heat race Cole finished second behind Eli Tomac. In the main event he was seventh on lap three when he had this small crash in the sand. Cole picked his bike up and went on to place eleventh.

Ken Roczen_battle_2019 Oakland Supercross -9395Joey Savagty, Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen get close in an intense battle for second in the 450 main event. Two corners after this Savagty’s bike quit on him and two laps after that, Marvin passed Roczen and started charging after his teammate who was way out in front.

Dylan Ferrandis_2019 Oakland Supercross -9034Dylan Ferrandis has enjoyed the taste of the podium three times in four races now. His finishes have been 2-6-2-2 so far in 2019. 

Ken Roczen_Eli Tomac_2019 Oakland Supercross -9531It’s a little different to see these two guys battling for fourth place. We expected both of them to have wins by now but the underdogs are shining which has made the 2019 season very exciting!

Dean Wilson_2019 Oakland Supercross -9292Dean Wilson tweaked his knee in the first turn of his heat race. He pulled off immediately to evaluate himself and after a short break he rejoined the heat race and rode around to make sure his knee was okay. Then Dean won the 450 LCQ and finished sixth in the main event. Even with a rough start to the night, Dean continues to impress. We won’t be surprised to see Dean back under the factory Rockstar Husqvarna rig soon as a fill in rider for the injured Jason Anderson. 

Justin Barcia_2019 Oakland Supercross main event-8304Justin Barcia was launching the single onto the start straightaway all day in Oakland. We were glad to see Bam Bam racing again after he bruised his tail bone in a big crash at Anaheim 2. 

Michael Mosiman_2019 Oakland Supercross qualifying -6906Michael Mosiman grew up in Sebastopol, California, a little over an hour north of Oakland. He finished seventh in the 250 main and he’s tied with Jacob Hayes for eighth in points. 

Jimmy Decotis_2019 Oakland Supercross -8909James Decotis was riding awesome all day in Oakland. He was fast in the whoops and this allowed him to go from fifth to first the250  heat race. Unfortunately, Decotis had issues in the main and would finish fifteenth.

Jerry Robin_2019 Oakland Supercross -8607Jerry Robin is truly living the privateer life. He drove to Oakland by himself and raced without a mechanic or anyone to give him the pit board. All on his own, he qualified for the 250 main event and finished twelfth! 

Jacob Hayes_2019 Oakland Supercross main event-8568Jacob Hayes continues to move forward, in his fourth Supercross of his rookie season the Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha rider broke into the top five with a fifth place finish. 

Justin Hill_2019 Oakland Supercross -9459We were happy to see Justin Hill get up after a nasty crash in qualifying. He finished fourteenth in the main event.

Blake Baggett_2019 Oakland Supercross -9839Blake Baggett sprays the champagne after his second podium of the season.

Marvin had some fans come all the way from France to watch in Oakland. They were stoked on his ride.

Cooper Webb_2019 Oakland Supercross main event-7373Thanks for reading Motocross Action’s The Aftermath. Click the link below for all of our content from Oakland Supercross.


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