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Photos by Brian Converse

DSC_2218This was Trey Canard’s dad’s signature trick back in the day.

DSC_2228Justin Brayton waves to the Detroit crowd.

DSC_2271Ryan Dungey is always a crowd favorite.

DSC_2279Aaron Plessinger charges to the front of the pack.

DSC_2285The race to the front on the opening lap.

DSC_2292After having to watch his title hopes take a serious hit by missing Toronto due to Visa issues, Martin Davalos salvaged a 5th place. He now sits 5th in points.

DSC_2499With each passing week Marvin gets closer to his teammate and training partner, Ryan Dungey.
DSC_2536After the checkers flew, Jason Anderson thought he had finished second behind Ryan Dungey. It wasn’t until a short time afterward that he found out Ryan was docked two positions by the AMA due to jumping on a red cross flag. As a result, Anderson captured his second win of the season.

LMP_2347Tyler Bowers.

LMP_2348R.J. Hampshire made his way to 7th in the main.

LMP_2402Malcolm Stewart captured his first victory of the season and is now the points leader.

LMP_2416Trey Canard has not had the season he imagined, but he’s still inside the top ten in the standings.

LMP_2417Kenny Roczen is second in points. Ryan Dungey is 39 points ahead, and Jason Anderson is 14 points behind Roczen in third.
LMP_2485Ryan Dungey was docked two positions after  jumping on the red cross flag.

LMP_2503Cole Seely is currently 6th in points. His results have dropped off after the series headed East. Seely blew over a berm on the opening lap of the main in Detroit and had to come from way behind. He managed 11th. 

LMP_2622Marvin Musquin clicks his heals after winning the 45o semi. Marvin wasn’t so jovial in the main. He crashed with two laps to go and Jason Anderson shot by for second…or so everyone thought. Instead Anderson was gifted the win due to Dungey’s blunder, while Musquin was oh-so-close (yet again) to winning his first 450 Supercross. In due time.

LMP_2650Chad Reed (22) and Phil Nicoletti (34) aboard their YZ450Fs.

LMP_2687Aaron Plessinger has had an impressive season thus far. He’s third in points–13 behind Malcolm Stewart.

LMP_2699The start of the 250 main.

LMP_2719Shane McElrath captured his first podium of the season.

LMP_2764Jeremy Martin lost the red plate this weekend to Malcolm Stewart after crashing several times. He’s seven points behind Stewart heading into the break.
LMP_2825Gannon Audette claimed his best finish of the season with a 6th. He’s in a three-way tie for eighth in the point standings. 

LMP_2859Shane McElrath.

LMP_2886The 250 podium.

LMP_2912Father-son bonding.

LMP_2926The start of the 450 main event.
LMP_3148Your 450 podium…pre-penalty.


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