_DSC3584_Kyoshi_Eli Tomac _Hangtown_2016
Eli Tomac had to leave Hangtown disappointed. He finished fourth in both motos for third overall. Last year he rocketed away from the field in both motos. 

_DSC0745_Kyoshi_Joey Savagty_Hangtown_2016
Joey Savatgy won both motos and heads to Glen Helen with a 15-point advantage in the 250 National Championship. 

_DSC3446_Kyoshi_Ken Roczen_Hangtown_2016
Ken Roczen emerged as the victor in both motos. While he is no “dark horse”, Roczen was overshadowed by Ryan Dungey and Eli Tomac entering the day. However, he’ll head to Glen Helen with the red plate.

_DSC1508_Kyoshi_Blake Baggett_Hangtown_2016
Blake Baggett was a revelation in the first moto. He was able to pass Eli Tomac after Tomac flew by him earlier in the race.

_DSC2816_Kyoshi_Joey Savagty Mitch Peyton_Hangtown_2016
Joey Savatgy and Mitch Payton celebrate.

_DSC2970_Kyoshi_Ryan DUngey _Hangtown_2016
Ryan Dungey still has not won the overall at Hangtown. The best he could do was second. 

_DSC0563_Kyoshi_Adam Cianciarulo _Hangtown_2016
Adam Cianciarulo finished 13th overall in his first race back in a long time. It’s nice to see him back in action.

_DSC0725_Kyoshi_Shane McElrath_Hangtown_2016
Shane McElrath had a mechanical issue in the second moto and was forced to pull off.

RJ Hampshire had a good first moto, placing fifth, but suffered a nasty endo in the second moto and got trapped under his bike. It ended his day.

_DSC0835_Kyoshi_Luke Renzland Colt Nichols_Hangtown_2016
Teammates Luke Renzland and Colt Nichols.

_DSC1734_Kyoshi_Tristan Charbaneau_Hangtown_2016
Rookie Tristan Charboneau placed ninth overall.

_DSC0886_Kyoshi_Alexander Frye_Hangtown_2016
Alexander Frye ended up 16th overall.

_DSC2168_Kyoshi_Jessy Nelson _Hangtown_2016
Jessy Nelson has the speed, but is still working on the endurance part of racing. He got the holeshot a second time after the race was red flagged. While he was able to hold the lead for many laps, his pace eventually dropped. Nelson finished 7-6 for sixth overall. 

_DSC2250_Kyoshi_Jeremy Martin_Hangtown_2016
Jeremy Martin is 18 points down after the first race, but he still has a lot of time to defend his championship.

_DSC2259_Kyoshi_Josh Osby_Hangtown_2016
Josh Osby’s linkage snapped, forcing him to forfeit the race. You don’t see that very often.

_DSC2658_Kyoshi_Cooper Webb_Hangtown_2016
Cooper Webb fiddles with his wrist brace on the podium.

_DSC3566_Kyoshi_Ken Roczen _Hangtown_2016
Ken Roczen showers the masses with bubbly.

_DSC3132_Kyoshi_Trey Canard _Hangtown_2016
Trey Canard finished fifth overall.

The one moto that Christian Craig (38) and Jeremy Martin (1) got a good start in was red-flagged before the first lap was completed.

_DSC2473_Kyoshi_Austin Forkner_Hangtown_2016
Kawasaki rookie Austin Forkner. Austin went 13-7 for eighth overall.

_DSC2905_Kyoshi_Justin Barcia_Hangtown_2016
Justin Barcia finished in the top ten.

Fans want goggles.

_DSC0927_Kyoshi_Justin HIll_Hangtown_2016
While Justin Hill couldn’t complete the first moto, he was able to get 8th place in the second moto.

_DSC1472_Kyoshi_Jason Anderson _Hangtown_2016
Jason Anderson finished third place in the second moto.

_DSC3386_Kyoshi_Weston Peick _Hangtown_2016
Weston Peick climbs the hill in the back.

_DSC1934_Kyoshi_Shene McElrath _Hangtown_2016
Shane McElrath on the first straightaway downhill.

_DSC2561_Kyoshi_Christian Craig_Hangtown_2016
Christian Craig was plagued by bad starts in both motos.

_DSC2151_Kyoshi_Alex Jeremy Martin_Hangtown_2016
Alex Martin faced off with his brother and defending champion, Jeremy Martin. Alex would not only pass him, but earn second overall.


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