_DSC6455_Kyoshi_Cooper Webb Champion_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Cooper Webb won his second consecutive 250 West championship in a nail biter. Webb had broken his wrist during the 250 West break and had to gut it out in Las Vegas. 

_DSC5198_Kyoshi_Trey Canard Crash Dump mud_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Trey Canard slipped more than once in the whoops during the main.

_DSC5684_Kyoshi_JOey Savagty Colt Nichols_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Joey Savagty fends off Colt Nichols. Savatgy came up one point short of clinching his first 250 Supercross title. He should be back in 2017, and will be considered one of the front-runners for the title.

_DSC3513_Kyoshi_Justin Brayton_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Justin Brayton finished eighth overall this season.

_DSC367_Kyoshi_Alexander Frye_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Mud roost is brutal. Alexander Frye got his share of it on Saturday. The 250 East rookie finished 14th in the point standings.

_DSC4213_Kyoshi_Eli Tomac_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Eli Tomac was able to recover from a mediocre start and was gifted third place after a mistake by Ken Roczen.

_DSC3502_Kyoshi_James Jimmy Decotis_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Jimmy Decotis. The Geico Honda rider ended his 250 West campaign in seventh overall.

_DSC3562_Kyoshi_Zach Osborne_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Zach Osborne had the fastest laps of the night (excluding Jeremy Martin and Aaron Plessinger, who were down a lap). Zach started 11th and rode up to second place. All of those years racing the varied conditions on the GP circuit paid off Saturday night.

_DSC3610_Kyoshi_Joey Savagty Mechanic Justin Shantle_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Joey Savatgy’s mechanic, Justin Shantle, anxiously watches the screen to see what position Cooper Webb is in.

_DSC4234_Kyoshi_Ryan DUngey_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
“Captain America” Ryan Dungey put on a great demonstration of his skills in terrible conditions. Dungey won his ninth Supercross of the year in Vegas. 

_DSC6379_Kyoshi_Malcolm Stewart James Stewart Win_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
James Stewart hugs his brother, Malcolm, after little brother won the 2016 East Coast Championship. Both brothers have a 250 Supercross Championship.

_DSC3946_Kyoshi_Justin Barcia_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016Justin Barcia was able to get tenth place.

_DSC3743_Kyoshi_Marvin Musquin_Frank Latham_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Frank Latham walks Marvin Musquin’s bike out to the gate.

_DSC4347_Kyoshi_Mike ALessi Crash Dump mud_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Mike Alessi takes a tumble. When all was said and done on Saturday night, four points separated 10th from 14th. Alessi ended up 12th in the series. 

_DSC5352_Kyoshi_Chad Reed_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Chad Reed didn’t have the best start, but the Australian is no stranger to mud. He moved up to fourth place while jumping the triple that Ryan Dungey wouldn’t even attempt.

_DSC3851_Kyoshi_Josh Grant_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Josh Grant (33) out of the gate.

_DSC3993_Kyoshi_Weston Peick_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Weston Peick had a great run in the heat race before blowing out the top of the last turn before the finish. The mistake put him in the semi, where he wasn’t able to recover.

_DSC4431_Kyoshi_Ryan Dungey Win finish champion_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Ryan Dungey wins the season finale.

_DSC5029_Kyoshi_Justin Brayton_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Justin Brayton struggled to get into the main after having raced the LCQ. Once in the main event, he bounced back with a seventh place.

_DSC5155_Kyoshi_Weston Peick_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Weston Peick passes Nick Wey.

_DSC5614_Kyoshi_Joey Savagty_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
The privilege of dominating a muddy main is that you stay fairly clean until you come upon lappers. Joey Savatgy demonstrates.

_DSC5532_Kyoshi_Martin Davalos_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Martin Davalos was part of the pileup at the start that also involved Jeremy Martin and Shane McElrath. He came back to finish 11th.

_DSC6494 COoper Webb Championship West 250
Yamaha had a banner printed in celebration of Cooper Webb’s second consecutive 250 West Supercross title. Webb will apparently move up and be on Yamaha’s 450 factory effort next year. 

_DSC6530_Kyoshi_Marvin Musquin_Supercross_Sam Boyd Stadium_Las Vegas_05082016
Marvin Musquin navigates the first turn. Bike troubles and a crash forced him out of the main event prematurely.


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