Photos by Scott Mallonee

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2017 Red Bud national 250 startThe start of a 250 moto at Red Bud.

 Justin HillJustin Hill upped the pace this weekend by qualifying 6th and finishing 5th in the second moto.

 RJ HampshireR.J. Hampshire had a rough weekend with a second moto crash that took him out of the race.

Zach OsborneZach Osborne extends his points lead over Alex Martin with a 2-1 finish.

Aaron PlesssingerLst week’s winner, Aaron Plessinger, went 6-11 for 6th overall.

Austin ForknerAustin Forkner’s  bad start in the second moto kept him from reaching the top ten. He went 4-14 for 7th overall.

Jason AndersonJason Anderson was on fire in the first moto coming from 18th to 4th. He finished second overall with a 4-2 day.

Christian Craig
Christian Craig holeshotted the first moto and led for 3 laps. He fell back to 5th by the end of the moto. His 5-12 gave him 11th overall.

Christian CraigMarvin puts the pressure on Craig. Marvin’s knee must be feeling better as he went 3-3.

Cooper WebbCooper Webb’s first turn crash put him out of the race and a cleaned out Weston Peick. Webb had just managed to creep into the top ten, but he’s out of the lead group again

first turn crashThe first turn carnage.

2017 Red Bud national 450 startThis is the 450 start before Cooper Webb (2). That is Bogle (19) and Craig (48) at the front. 

2017 Red Bud national --22The good ole’ American Flag waving with pride at Red Bud.

Zach OsborneThe points leader, Zach Osborne, has 38 points on the pack—which is led by Alex Martin.

Mitchell HarrisonMitchell Harrison rode to his best finish of the year with a 7-2 for 4th overall. Best of all, he got to see what its like to run at the pointy end of the spear.

Shane McElrathShane McElrath started each moto in 9th and finished 9th both times for 8th overall.

Austin Forkner
Austin Forkner takes a look to see who’s behind him. 

MXAction3 hjc

Zach OsborneZach Osborne can breathe a little, but the series is only halfway over. It took him six races to get a 38-point lead. Someone could use the next six races to wipe it out.

Sean Cantrell
Sean Cantrell finished 19th.  He went 16-21.

Mitchell HarrisonMitchell Harrison missed the overall podium by one spot. 

Eli TomacEli went 1-1 at Red Bud. He didn’t gap the field until the last few laps, but he was clearly the fastest rider all day. 

Trey CanardTrey Canard finished 12th overall with an 11-14 day. 

John ShortPrivateer John Short went 17-15 for 16th overall. 

2017 Red Bud national --40Cole Seely went 6-9 for 7th overall. 

2017 Red Bud national --39Marvin Musquin needs to hit the after burners to get back in this championship hunt. He lost 40 points to his knee injury.

2017 Red Bud national --38After deciding last minute to race, Josh Grant pushed through the pain and got 6th overall. 

2017 Red Bud national --37Blake Baggett finished only a few seconds behind Tomac the first moto. He holeshot the second moto only to fall on the first lap. he had to wait for the whole pack to go by before he could pick his bike up. The red plate now belongs to Eli.

Alex MartinAlex Martin was leading the second moto to the overall until he went down. He still finished 2nd overall. 

2017 Red Bud national 250 startThe start of the second 250 moto. 

2017 Red Bud national --fansRed Bud fans. 

2017 Red Bud national 250 podiumYour 250 podium from left to right: Jeremy Martin, Zach Osborne and Alex Martin. 

2017 Red Bud national fansChampagne shower for the fans. 

Eli TomacEli hoists the red plate. 

2017 Red Bud national 250 startThe start of 250 moto 1. 

Alex MartinAlex Martin with the American flag backdrop.

MXAction3 hjc

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