20160702123522_RedBudRacesThe stage is set for the Americanized sport of motocross at Red Bud. While it didn’t start here, we sure adopted it quickly. 

20160702124644_RedBudRacesMike LaRocco came out to do some riding for the festivities.

20160703131141_RedBudRacesYamahas in a sea of Kawasakis.

20160702155938_RedBudRaces-3Zach Osborne and Cooper Webb soak the crowd.

20160702160157_RedBudRacesFinally, Cooper Webb gets the red plate. Those 1st place 100% gogglesare getting a workout on the podium lately. Webb had them during his Supercross championship run.

20160702164523_RedBudRacesA crowd-surfing fan. The kind of surf photography John Kerr doesn’t dabble in.

20160702165642_RedBudRacesTeam Soaring Eagle Jimmy Johns RCH Suzuki is back with a first (Ken Roczen in Red) and a third (Broc Tickle in White).

Austin Forkner finished in eighth right behind teammate Joey Savatgy (seventh) and ahead of teammate Arnaud Tonus (ninth).

20160703132430_RedBudRacesAdam Cianciarulo ended his day in sixth. It is the first time he has finished ahead of Joey Savatgy this season.

20160703132620_RedBudRacesCooper Webb has found his groove. If he keeps it up he just may be the 2016 AMA 250 National Champion.

Joey Savatgy shows he is a student of Ricky Carmichael. Only he is grabbing his helmet from the side and not the front.

20160703141243_RedBudRacesJustin Bogle is poised to get the holeshot. He got it in both motos at Red Bud.

20160703141904_RedBudRacesBroc Tickle ended third overall for the second week in a row.

20160703141926_RedBudRacesBenny Bloss finished tenth overall.

20160703142308_RedBudRacesBam Bam is looking snazzy in his all-American Alpinestars gear.

20160703150216_RedBudRacesCooper Webb is ready for the gate drop.

20160703151242_RedBudRaces-2Shane MacElrath gets the holeshot in the second moto.

20160703152530_RedBudRaces-2No acts-of-God or race-ending-crashes this week for Alex Martin. He finished second overall.

20160703161240_RedBudRaces-3Tyler Bowers (53) is right behind teammate Eli Tomac (3) on the start. Bowers is filling in for Josh Grant. He would finish 20th overall.

20160703161842_RedBudRacesBroc Tickle.

20160703131357_RedBudRaces-2Jeremy Martin went 4-4 to get fourth overall.

20160703141504_RedBudRacesBlake Baggett ended the day 7-5 sixth overall in the 450s.

20160703141852_RedBudRacesKen Roczen once again dominates both motos.

20160703152742_RedBudRacesShane McElrath and Joey Savatgy battle.

20160703153349_RedBudRacesZach Osborne finished 5-2 for an 3rd overall on his Husky FC250.

20160703162433_RedBudRacesJustin Barcia.

20160703162440_RedBudRaces-2Marvin Musquin ended his day in fifth place overall.


Photos by Scott Mallonee


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