DSC_3290_Brian-Converse_250-Main-Start_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016 The Martin brothers know how to start at their home-track. Alex Martin got the holeshot both motos. Jeremy Martin was a close second.

DSC_3298_Brian-Converse_Joey-Savatgy_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016 Joey Savatgy fought hard throughout the day. Unfortunately, little mistakes hampered his performance. He finished fourth overall.

LMP_4010_Brian-Converse_James-Stewart_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016James Stewart returned and earned 10th in the first moto. He would pull off in the second moto. 

DSC_3641_Brian-Converse_Marvin-Musquin_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Marvin Musquin earned a career best at Spring Creek. He finished 3-2 for second overall.

DSC_3344_Brian-Converse_Jeremy-Martin-vs-Cooper-Webb_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Jeremy Martin had some unsettled business at Spring Creek. Cooper Webb had beat him here last year. He didn’t let that happen and won his first overall of the season.

LMP_4059_Brian-Converse_Weston-Peick_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Weston Peick’s day ended early. After cross-rutting a jump he was struck by Broc Tickle.

DSC_3407_Brian-Converse_Alex-Martin_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016 Alex Martin was no slouch by finishing third place overall.

DSC_3439_Brian-Converse_Adam Cianciarulo_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Adam Cianciarulo showed flashes of speed, but his inexperience was visible when he tried to fend off Cooper Webb. He would finish sixth overall.

DSC_3651_Brian-Converse_Trey-Canard_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Trey Canard wasn’t at his top speed upon returning. He still placed in the top 10 with sixth overall.

LMP_4091_Brian-Converse_Ken-Roczen_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Ken Roczen stated that he has another level in him when he is challenged. He proved it Saturday, blazing past everyone and everything. He even won moto two on a bent shifter.

DSC_3786_Brian-Converse_Jimmy-Decotis_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Jimmy Decotis had a bad first moto but was able to seize three AMA points before the day ended.

DSC_3854_Brian-Converse_Cooper-Webb_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Cooper Webb started at the back of the pack both motos. That didn’t keep him from a 1-2 finish for second overall.

DSC_3879_Brian-Converse_Zach-Osborne_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Zach Osborne’s first moto ended with a locked wheel. A third place finish in the second moto salvaged a few points. He took 11th overall.

DSC_4249_Brian-Converse_Marvin-Musquin_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Marvin Musquin celebrates with protection.

LMP_5082_Brian-Converse_Broc-Tickle_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Broc Tickle’s day ended short. He committed to a jump before he knew Weston Peick would slip under him, causing a violent crash.

LMP_5878_Brian-Converse_Justin-Barcia_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Justin Barcia finished fourth overall.

LMP_5873_Brian-Converse_Eli-Tomac-Ken-Roczen_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Eli Tomac had a whole bag of tricks to try on Ken Roczen. Too bad Roczen had the deeper bag.

LMP_6627_Brian-Converse_Marvin-Musquin-2_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016This is Marvin Musquin’s signature move.

DSC_3884_Brian-Converse_Martin-Davalos_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Martin Davalos finished 15-7 for 12th overall.

DSC_3895_Brian-Converse_Austin-Forkner_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Austin Forkner.

DSC_4037_Brian-Converse_Dean-Wilson_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Dean Wilson also returned. His goal was simple, finish two motos with no injury.

LMP_4167_Brian-Converse_Eli-Tomac_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Eli Tomac goes flying high.

LMP_6415_Brian-Converse_450-Start-Moto-2_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Marvin Musquin (25), Andrew Short (29) and Phil Nicoletti (34) all fought for the holeshot.

DSC_3896_Brian-Converse_Rj-Hampshire_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016RJ Hampshire finished 10-11 for ninth overall.

DSC_4044_Brian-Converse_Tyler-Bowers_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Tyler Bowers.

LMP_4122_Brian-Converse_Cole-Martinez_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Cole Martinez.

Zach Osborne fights hard in the second moto.

LMP_5538_Brian-Converse_Cooper-Webb_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Cooper Webb still has the red plate.

LMP_5558_Brian-Converse_Chase-Marquier_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Chase Marquier.

LMP_5612_Brian-Converse_Luke-Renzland_Milville-Spring-CreekLuke Renzland finishes 10th overall.

LMP_5634_Brian-Converse_Mitch-Oldenburg_Milville-Spring-CreekMitchell Oldenburg is among the racers that started in Minnesota.

LMP_5848_Brian-Converse_Justin-Brayton-Jesse-Wentland_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Justin Brayton makes the pass on Jesse Wentland.

LMP_5874_Brian-Converse_Eli-Tomac_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016Eli Tomac.

LMP_5887_Brian-Converse_James-Stewart-1_Milville-Spring-Creek_2016James Stewart.

Ken Roczen jubilantly takes his overall win.

Photos by: Brian Converse


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