20160813131208_UnadillaRaces_Mitch Oldenburg Martin DavalosMitchell Oldenburg has been the most consistent rider on the Troy Lee Designs team. He is 10th in points.

20160813171547_Scott Mallonee_Ken Roczen_Unadilla_2016Ken Roczen showers the crowd in bubbly champagne.

20160813164121_Scott Mallonee_Benny Bloss_Unadilla_2016Benny Bloss was BTO/KTM’s bright spot in what was a very bad weekend. The BTO trailer caught on fire the night before the race and the team bikes were destroyed.

20160813163637_Scott Mallonee_MArvin Musquin_Unadilla_2016Marvin Musquin finished second overall.

20160813133154_Scott Mallonee_MArtin Davalos_Unadilla_2016Martin Davalos has shown improvement throughout the season.

20160813164901_Scott Mallonee_Weston Peick_Unadilla_2016Weston Peick finished seventh overall.

20160813165752_Scott Mallonee_Fans_Unadilla_2016Everywhere there is a podium there are fans.

20160813171528_UnadillaRacesYour 450 weekend winners–Marvin Musquin, Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac.

20160813164635_UnadillaRacesFredrik Noren finished 6-6 for sixth overall aboard a HRC factory Honda.

20160813164845_Scott Mallonee_ELi TOmac_Unadilla_2016Eli Tomac finished third overall.

20160813164142_Scott Mallonee_Justin Brayton_Unadilla_2016Justin Brayton finished 11th overall on his BTO/KTM machine.

20160813163831_Scott Mallonee_Ken Roczen_Unadilla_2016Ken Roczen blazed to a 1-1 finish at Unadilla.

20160813160907_Scott Mallonee_250 Podium Cooper Webb Austin Forkner Aaron Plessinger_Unadilla_2016Aaron Plessinger, Cooper Webb and Austin Forkner.

20160813154626_Scott Mallonee_Justin Hill_Unadilla_2016Justin Hill.

20160813154122_Scott Mallonee_Cooper Webb_Unadilla_2016Cooper Webb will look to wrap up the 250 National Championship this upcoming weekend at Budds Creek.

20160813154515_Scott Mallonee_Gannon AUdette_Unadilla_2016Gannon Audette.

20160813153022_Scott Mallonee_Zach Osborne_Unadilla_2016Zach Osborne ran into trouble. 

20160813154119_Scott Mallonee_Austin Forkner_Unadilla_2016Austin Forkner may be the next big name that Kawasaki is looking for. Forkner has had a remarkably good rookie season. He finished third overall at Unadilla and led for most of the second moto.

20160813144950_Scott Mallonee_Justin Barcia_Unadilla_2016Justin Barcia is up to fourth in points, but he is not riding at the level we saw him at last year.

20160813143130_Scott Mallonee_Cole Martinez_Unadilla_2016Cole Martinez tried to fend off Benny Bloss. Benny eventually got around.

20160813142907_Scott Mallonee_450 Start_Ken Roczen Marvin Musquin ELi Tomac_Unadilla_2016The 450 start, with Ken Roczen (94), Marvin Musquin (25) and Eli Tomac (3). They finished in that order.

20160813135459_Scott Mallonee_Alex Martin_Unadilla_2016Alex Martin was hampered by mistakes and a bad stomach. He finished 13-5 for seventh overall.

20160813133608_Scott Mallonee_Rj Hampshire_Unadilla_2016RJ Hampshire finished fifth overall.

20160813133347_UnadillaRacesAdam Cianciarulo got the holeshot in the first moto, but a 4-33 finish gave him 11th overall.

20160813133146_Scott Mallonee_Mitch Oldenburg_Unadilla_2016
Mitch Oldenburg.

20160813132714_Scott Mallonee_Cooper Webb Aaron Plessinger Star Racing Yamaha_Unadilla_2016
The 250 start, with Cooper Webb (17), Mitch Harrison (289), Aaron Plessinger (23) and Martin Davalos (49).

Photos by Scott Mallonee


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