_SOU5346_John Basher_ELi Tomac_Washougal_2016Eli Tomac earned his second 450 overall for the 2016 AMA 450 National with a win at Washougal. Eli also won Southwick.

_SOU5428_John Basher_James Stewart bubba_Washougal_2016James Stewart returned for a second time and finished one moto for the second time. The blisters story is getting all the play, but that doesn’t account for James barely making the top ten before the blisters kick in. He has some work to do in the off-season.

_SOU5010_John Basher_Tyler Bowers_Washougal_2016Tyler Bowers finished Washougal with a 450 career-best of 11th place. Tyler, who was borrowed from the Pro Circuit 250 squad, is filling in for Josh Grant, who was filling in for Wil Hahn.

_SOU5553_John Basher_250 Main Start_Washougal_2016The first 250 gate drop. How many of these riders can you name?

_SOU5834_John Basher_Alex Martin_Washougal_2016Alex Martin got his first-ever moto win at Budds Creek last year, but didn’t win the overall. He got his first overall at Glen Helen this year, but without a moto win. At Washougal, he put the two together a 1-2 for the overall victory.

_SOU5733_John Basher_Justin Hill_Washougal_2016Northwest native Justin Hill returned to action and was flying. He finished 8-4 for fifth overall.

_SOU5866_John Basher_Joey Savatgy_Washougal_2016Joey Savatgy was out to gain in the points chase that he once led. Bar banging with Cooper Webb hurt Joey and innocent bystander Jeremy Martin. Oddly enough, Webb’s brake check on Savatgy worked to Cooper’s favor.

_SOU5932_John Basher_MArvin Musquin_Washougal_2016Marvin Musquin has been a solid rider in the 450 class. While still a rookie, he may have the pace of the top dogs when they return from injury…next year.

_SOU5634_John Basher_Rj HAmpshire_Washougal_2016It is easy to miss riders like R.J. Hampshire in the stacked 250 class, but the Geico Honda rider has put up a great fight throughout the season. Unfortunately, 18-14 at Washougal wasn’t a season highlight.

_SOU5998_John Basher_Justin Brayton_Washougal_2016Justin Brayton had a good first moto, but a DNF in the second moto forced him to walk away with only eight points. Justin is still eighth in 450 points.

_SOU5100_John Basher_James Stewart Bubba_Washougal_2016James Stewart is fun to watch when he’s fresh, but you have to watch quickly, because he’s catching the early flight home every weekend.

_SOU5624_John Basher_Arnund Tonus_Washougal_2016Arnaud Tonus is eighth in the 250 point lineup. He also finished eighth overall at Washougal.

_SOU5716_John Basher_Jimmy Decotis Crowd_Washougal_2016
Washougal has a loyal following of hardcore fans. This is the Northwest’s only AMA National.

_SOU5794_John Basher_Alex Martin Joey Savatgy_Washougal_2016Joey Savatgy (37) chased Alex Martin (26) in the first moto.

_SOU5969_John Basher_450 Start Main_Washougal_2016
This is the first 450 moto start. While it looks like BTO riders Andrew Short (29) and Justin Brayton (10) have it, Phil Nicoletti (34) swept around them from the outside.

_SOU6029_John Basher_Christophe Pourcel Crouds_Washougal_2016Christophe Pourcel  put on a good fight against Eli Tomac in the first moto before the Frenchman’s gnarly flying “W.”

_SOU6041_John Basher_Ken Roczen_Washougal_2016Ken Roczen (94) rarely goes down without a fight, but in the second 450 moto he sat up momentarily to let Eli Tomac by. He said he wanted to see Eli’s lines, but Eli didn’t give him much of chance of that. Ken is obviously going into conservation mode, because the only way he can lose this title is to injury.

_SOU6082_John Basher_Justin Barcia_Washougal_2016Justin Barcia had a dismal first moto, finishing 10th, but put in a hard charge to placed fourth in the second moto. Justin was 5th overall.

_SOU6109_John Basher_Ken ROczen_Washougal_2016Ken Roczen sported the new 2017 Fox gear at Washougal.

_SOU6267Austin Forkner (214) capitalized on the Cooper Webb versus Joey Savatgy feud to win the second moto for a 10-1 day. Jeremy Martin (1) got caught up in the Webb/Savatgy melee—and DNF’ed the moto.

_SOU6306_John Basher_Jessy Nelson_Washougal_2016Not only was Jessy Nelson back; he placed third overall in the second moto.

_SOU6338_John Basher_Jeremy Martin_Washougal_2016Jeremy Martin is now one full race–51 points–behind Cooper Webb in the 250 Championship chase.

_SOU6390_John Basher_Cooper Webb_Washougal_2016Cooper Webb only has three races left in the 2016 season. He could come out of the year with a 250West title and the 250 National Championship.

_SOU6417_John Basher_Adam Cianciarulo_Washougal_2016Adam Cianciarulo has been charging hard the last few weeks and went 6-7 at Washougal.

_SOU6455Mitch Oldenburg went 11-9.

_SOU6535_John Basher_Redbull KTM Factory Marvin Musquin Dean Wilson_Washougal_2016This is team KTM (with the notable exception of Ryan Dungey).

_SOU6541_John Basher_Stacked four in a row Eli Tomac Ken Roczen MArvin MusquinDean WIlson_Washougal_2016Shuffling the deck of riders with Tomac (3), Wilson (15), Roczen (94) and Musquin (25).


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