_DSC8886 Mike LaRoccoTwo-time AMA National Champion and current Geico Honda team manager, Mike LaRocco, came out to ride.

_DSC8894 Dean WilsonDean Wilson came out from Florida to test his bike setup and work on lap times with Tyla Rattray.

_DSC8344 Tyler BowersTyler Bowers will be Kawasaki’s latest fill-in rider for the 450 Nationals. He will begin his 450 adventure at Red Bud. 

_DSC8755 Cole SeelySouthern California native, Cole Seely, was putting in laps.

_DSC8357 Mitch OldenbergMitch Oldenburg.

_DSC8331 Broc TickleBroc Tickle.

_DSC8359 Shane McElrathShane McElrath showed serious bursts of speed while putting in laps. He is currently 20th in the AMA 250 National points standings.

_DSC8373 Tyler BOwersBowers roosts the camera.

_DSC8482 Cole MartinezCole Martinez is the fill-in rider for Tommy Hahn at the Cycletrader/Rock River team. He was riding one of Tommy’s bikes at Glen Helen yesterday.

_DSC8837 Davi MillsapsDavi Millsaps jumps over the log cabin near the start. Millsaps is leading the Canadian Nationals.

_DSC8869 Nick WeyNick Wey.

_DSC8910 Gannon AUdetteGannon Audette.

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