2020 CR 250 SXNotice the KTM 250SX engine in the Honda chassis.  

“In 2018 it started with the idea to build a modern 250cc two-stroke Motocross bike. I was looking to combine a lightweight aluminum chassis with the latest, best 250cc two-stroke engine on the market. So for me, it was obvious that a Japanese chassis and an Austrian powerplant would be the perfect match.

2020 CR 250 SXWhat a blast this would be to ride.

“I wanted to show that such a merger (engine + chassis) between two big motorcycle manufacturers is possible. It would result in an easy to maintain, inexpensive motocross bike for everyone… So I started with the work.

2020 CR 250 SX

“After about 3 months I had the bike ready to go. Already on the first test ride I immediately
noticed that all the effort had been more than worthwhile. The custom-made carbon airbox and intake made for an awesome powerband of the non-vibrating two-stroke engine. Already down low the engine picks up and is a joy to ride. It has great torque, much more so than the stock Austrian bike of its origins. Wheelies can be done with ease…the powerband is broad and torquey yet it still delivers that snap-up top.

2020 CR 250 SX

“The handling improved also considerably and obviously feels much, much lighter than any four-stroke. The Honda chassis has flex characteristics that are second to none. The lightweight yet planted feel of the front, the phenomenal handling and the enormous grip at the rear wheel are simply fantastic! Together the whole thing harmonizes so well that you might think the bike is a unity built by one manufacturer. Now if only the two major motorcycle manufacturers could find each other (Honda & KTM). This way they could offer an ingenious motocross bike at an affordable price.”–Arnold Irniger of Switzerland.

2020 CR 250 SX

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