RICKY CARMICHAEL'S 2001 KAWASAKI KX250 AMA Motorcycle Hall of FameHere is Ricky Carmichael’s 2001 Kawasaki KX250 that he went on to win both the Supercross and outdoor National Championships that year. 

This last weekend was the 2019 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame induction. The riders inducted were Mark Buckner, Kurt Caselli, Ron Lechien,  Wiltz Wagner and Dale Walksler. When we were at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum we couldn’t notice all the two-strokes that were among us. We wanted to capture the two-strokes inside the Hall of Fame Museum. Here is what we found.

rokon automatic motocross bike AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame--0772-2One of the only fully automatic motocross dirt bikes the Rokon. The bike also featured a Sachs snowmobile engine, Salisbury torque converter and rope pull-starter. Jody was scared to race the Rokon

rokon automatic motocross bike AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame--0772-2Here is an up close shot of the Sachs powered Rokon automatic engine. 

Jeff Emig 2000 Yz250 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame--0850Remember when Jeff Emig was fired from Factory Kawasaki due to his run in with the law back in 1999? After that he found a place at the newly founded The Edge sport team and went on to win the 1999 U.S. Open of Supercross on this Yamaha YZ250. 

Dick Burleson 1979 Husqvarna 390 AMA Motorcycle Hall of FameDick Burleson 1979 Husqvarna 390.

PENTON MC5 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame--0867Here is a Penton 400 MC5. 

BOB MOORE 1994 YZ125 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame--0861This is the YZ125 that American Bob Moore went on  to win the 1994 FIM 125cc World Championship. 

BOB MOORE 1994 YZ125 AMA Motorcycle Hall of FameThe pipe side of Bob Moore’s 1994 Chesterfield YZ125. 

Ron Lechien KX250 AMA Motorcycle Hall of FameThe is Ron Lechien’s Factory Kawasaki KX250 that will be on display over the next year at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, Ohio. 

1975 Can-Am AMA Motorcycle Hall of FameJimmy Ellis’ 1975 Can-Am 250. Learn more about Can-Am’s here

Mike Kiedrowski 1993 KX250 AMA Motorcycle Hall of FameMike Kiedrowski’s 1993 KX250.

Ricky Carmichael 2003 CR250 AMA Motorcycle Hall of FameRicky Carmichael’s 2003 Honda CR250.

Jeff Emig 1992 YZ125 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame--0851Jeff Emig’s 1992 Yamaha YZ125. Jeff went on to win the 1992 125cc outdoor National series that year. 

Mike LaRocco 2004 CR250 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame“The Rock” Mike LaRocco’s 2004 Honda CR250.

Mike LaRocco 2004 CR250 engine AMA Motorcycle Hall of FameClose up engine shot of the CR250. 

Donny Schmit 1990 Suzuki RM125 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame--0845-2Donny Schmit’s 1990 Suzuki RM125.

DANNY HAMEL KX500 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame--0761-2Off-road legend, Danny Hamel’s 1994 Kawasaki KX500.

Malcolm Smith 1970 Husqvanra 400 Cross AMA Motorcycle Hall of FameMalcolm Smith’s 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross.


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