“I call this the Y2K-1992 Suzuki RM125. This bike is basically a 2000 Suzuki RM125 but “retro’d” to a full 1992 replica. This bike of course has the iconic number 199 so there’s a slight hint of Pastrana inspired details if you look closely.
“I purchased this bike for around $400. The bike was in horrible shape. In fact, I almost parted it out. But the more I dug into it the more I wanted to bring it back to life. And then began getting ideas into turning it into the ’92, and here it is!

 “This bike features Factory Connection suspension, the iconic ’92 yellow frame, Galfer brake lines and rotors, top end was serviced by Millennium Technologies and cases were repaired by Tom Morgan. Millennium technologies also rebuilt the crank. The original crank on this bike was trashed, so I had to find another one on eBay. Once I received it, it went straight to millennium to rebuild it with a Pro X rod and bearing kit.  Meanwhile I rebuilt the rest of the bottom end using only OEM bearings and seals.
“I used Boyesen reeds and the Boyesen Ignition and clutch cover for this build. Lots of the parts needed lots of cleaning and Vapor blasting to rescue the parts. The exhaust on the bike is actually the stock exhaust and silencer. I simply used the Pryme MX Cleaning wheels to take them down to the raw metal. Then they were coated with a high temp clear coat. I powder coated the hubs metallic silver to mimic the original aluminum finish. The hubs along with OEM bearings and seals were then sent to Dubya Wheel’s for the OE Rebuild using factory Suzuki yellow Excels. Two of the most important pieces of the replica build was the full graphics kit by DeCal Works and the ’92 seat cover. DeCal Works hit a home run on this one!
“Believe it or not the seat cover is actually for a ’92 that I forced to fit a 2000 seat (not easy). In the end I put together one of the most iconic and nicest Suzuki’s I think I’ve ever built. My favorite build to date!” —Jimmy Kiser
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