Photos by Travis Fant

Carson Brown is one of the fastest amateur riders on the planet. He could be the next big thing in the Pro ranks. But Carson it not only wicked fast, he is also wicked smart. He must get it from his dad, Dwane, as he is one of the owners of BBR Motorsports. Carson likes to build and develop bikes. I think the Browns always make it hard on themselves as they usually start with something simple, don’t like it and then start from scratch building everything in-house.
  The 2005 KX125 engine.

Carson wanted a 125cc machine to have some fun on. Since he is a Kawasaki supported rider, he couldn’t go out and ride a KTM smoker or it would terminate his contract. So, Carson got an old KX125 engine and shoe horned it into a 2017 KX250F frame. It ran great and looked even better, but it handled like a wheelbarrow. The aluminum frame was just too rigid for the small but mighty KX125 engine. Carson just didn’t want a bike that looked good, he wanted something that could be competitive against the new-aged KTM 125SX and Husky TC125. To do so, he needed to ditch the 2017 KX250F chassis and put the engine in the 2005 KX125 frame it was made for, simple right?

Check out the custom made aluminum gas tank.

Yep, but Carson didn’t like that it looked out of date. He wanted it to look like the 2017 KX250F. The customizing began. Carson and BBR worked together to build a custom tank, subframe, modified the frame, and tweaked the plastics. With these changes they were able to use KX250F Acerbis plastics, air box, seat, brakes and more. The suspension is Showa A Kit that was set up by Bones over at Pro Circuit.

Showa A-Kit SFF air forks were used on this build. They were built by Pro Circuit. 
How did it work one the track? Like a dream. It handled head over heals better than the new KXF chassis. Check out the video below of Carson shredding his old but new KX125.
The part list: 
Showa A Kit SFF air Forks
Pro Circuit Clamps
Showa A Kt shock set up by Bones
Athena head
-Balanced crank
-Polished transmission -shaved fly wheel
Lectron carb
Hinson billet clutch and cover
VForce 4 reed cage
-KX125 air boot
Pro Circuit pipe
Pro Circuit R 304 silencer with factory sound top end muffler
BBR custom tank
BBR custom subframe
BBR modified 2005 KX125 frame
-17 KX250F Acerbis plastics
-17 KX250F air box
-17 KX250F seat
-17 Kx250F brakes/hard anodized
Renthal Sprockets
The unique Lectron carb was mated with the KX125 engine. 

If only Kawasaki would take some notes and bring back the KX125 that resembled Carson’s build.

Carson used Renthal chains and sprockets along with Excel A60 rims.

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