20160813085942_Scott Mallonee_Alex Martin_Practice_Unadilla_2016Alex Martin was the fastest qualifier at 2:19.358. Unfortunately he ended the race seventh overall (13-5).

20160813090215_Scott Mallonee_Austin Forkner_Practice_Unadilla_2016Austin Forkner qualified eighth and ended the day on the podium third overall (7-2).

20160813085732_UnadillaPractice_Cooper WebbCooper Webb dominated at Unadilla. His biggest strength is consistency. 1-1 for a win and 50 more points. 

20160813092359_Scott Mallonee_Dean WIlson_Practice_Unadilla_2016Dean Wilson qualified seventh and ended the day eighth overall.
20160813090223_Scott Mallonee_Brandon Scharer_Practice_Unadilla_2016Brandon Scharer is among the privateers left behind in the dynamic 250 class. A single AMA point was earned for placing 20th in the first moto.

20160813093133_Scott Mallonee_Ken Roczen_Practice_Unadilla_2016Ken Roczen rarely qualifies first. If he does watch out. Roczen flew to a 1-1 finish.

20160813093145_Scott Mallonee_Andrew Short_Practice_Unadilla_2016There are two more professional races left for Andrew Short. The Colorado native salvaged a 16th overall after DNFing the first moto.

20160813110648_Scott Mallonee_Weston Peick_Practice_Unadilla_2016Weston Peick qualified fifth and would end the day seventh overall (5-9).

20160813093437_Scott Mallonee_Eli TOmac_Practice_Unadilla_2016Eli Tomac qualified in fourth and would end the day in third. Unless an act of God happens to Roczen, Tomac will finish second overall in the championship.

20160813104550_Scott Mallonee_Jessy Nelson_Practice_Unadilla_2016Jessy Nelson hasn’t had an idea 2016. While he finished sixth in the first moto, a crash in the second moto pushed him back to 24th place finishing 14th overall.

20160813090319_Scott Mallonee_Zach Osborne_Practice_Unadilla_2016Zach Osborne can race among the fastest. Unadilla was not the place to show that. He left without a single AMA point.

20160813090241_Scott Mallonee_Joey Savatgy_Practice_Unadilla_2016Joey Savatgy finished the first moto in second place. A DNF in the second moto only widened his gap from winning the championship.
20160813090405_Scott Mallonee_Jordan Smith_Practice_Unadilla_2016Jordan Smith finished fifteenth overall.

20160813093514_Scott Mallonee_Phil Nicoletti_Practice_Unadilla_2016Filthy Phil Nicoletti went out as a New York Yankee. He finished the day ninth overall.

20160813103604_Scott Mallonee_Austin FOrkner Repair Gate_Practice_Unadilla_2016Austin Forkners mechanics scramble to fix the bike.

20160813093355_Scott Mallonee_Matt Bisceglia_Practice_Unadilla_2016Matthew Bisceglia finished 9-10 for 10th overall.

20160813104431_Scott Mallonee_Adam Cianciarulo_Practice_Unadilla_2016Adam Cianciarulo was among the many to DNF the second moto. 11th overall isnt the worst position he could have ended the day with.

20160813093329_Scott Mallonee_Kyle Chisholm_Practice_Unadilla_2016Kyle Chisholm had uninspiring qualifying times. He placed much higher in the race finishing 13th overall.

20160813104620_Scott Mallonee_Aaron Plessinger_Practice_Unadilla_2016Aaron Plessinger needed a overall podium this season and at Unadilla, he got it.

20160813105405_Scott Mallonee_Crash_Eli Tomac_Justin Rando_Practice_Unadilla_2016Justin Rando participates in a random crash.

20160813105751_Scott Mallonee_Marvin Musquin_Practice_Unadilla_2016Marvin Musquin rode to a strong second overall.

20160813110050_Scott Mallonee_Justin Barcia_Practice_Unadilla_2016Justin Barcia finished fifth overall. We are wondering where his speed from last year went.

Photos by Scott Mallonee.


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