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The restrictions for public gatherings are being lifted at different rates across the country and the decisions for this are being made on a state-by-state basis. MXA is excited to see that Supercross is going to finish its season (although it will be weird without fans in the stadium.) We are also happy to know that the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Regional qualifiers will be conducted across the country starting in June and running through the July 4th weekend. Racing on all levels is good for the entire industry. Unfortunately, the 2020 AMA Outdoor Nationals won’t be able to compete as easily as Supercross without the revenue derived from ticket sales. They are doing everything they can to go racing with fans, as soon as possible. Read below for the official statement by MX Sports on May 20th, 2020:

Cooper Webb 2019 Washougal AMA national motocross -1477Without spectators watching motocross or Supercross in person or on TV, riders like Cooper Webb wouldn’t have a job. 

Pro Motocross stated: “The Pro Motocross schedule continues to be dynamic.  It is the intent of organizers to conduct the events with fans, which requires elevated social distancing protocols.  The phase-in plans for the resumption of large gatherings continues to evolve from state-to-state, with some states having clear guidelines and others not so much.  Event organizers continue to work with their local and state officials to develop a suitable timetable for their national event, but the situation is changing rapidly.  The current plan is to start the series in July, but to date no exact start date or location has been determined.  What has been determined is that RedBud will not be held on July 4th, nor will it be the opening round.  The Series will release a month-to-month schedule starting with July in the coming weeks.  This roll-out schedule will allow events to be moved as organizers obtain approval from state to state.  Although this approach may be unorthodox, it is necessary under the circumstances, and event organizers and series managers appreciate the patience of the riders, teams and fans as we maneuver through these challenging times.”

podium fans 2019 Washougal AMA national motocross -1760We are looking forward to getting back to normal. Hopefully it isn’t too long before spectators can surround the podium like this. 

Eli Tomac Ken Roczen 2019 WASHOUGAL MOTOCROSS NATIONAL--44Spectators in the background of the picture immediately adds credibility to the sport when newcomers come across our events on TV.

Updated May 2nd, 2020:
MX Sports released updated info for their 2020 AMA Pro National schedule and it includes the opening round of the series being postponed to Saturday, July 4th, and the season running through October 3rd. They also are sticking to the goal of running 11 races, just one race shy of the original 12 events planned. For some reason, the Dirt Diggers North Motorcycle club canceled the opener at Hangtown as soon as the Coronavirus started making headlines. They canceled before MX Sports released any info about adjustments to the series and now, even though all of the other races have been postponed and moved around, they weren’t added back onto the list.

MXA has also heard rumors that the opening round of the 2020 AMA Nationals could be at Ironman in Crawfordsvile, Indiana—originally the location for the season finale. The series is still looking to end in Southern California at Fox Raceway.

Michael Mosiman 2019 Fox National pala motocross raceway-0578Fox Raceway in Pala, California, was originally slated as the second round of the series. As of now, Fox Raceway will hold the season finale. 

MX Sports Press Release: As the state-by-state recovery plans continue to unfold, it is clear that a uniform back-to-business strategy is unlikely. Some states, like Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, are hopeful and optimistic about their ability to reopen businesses in a safe and responsible manner, while other states, such as New York and California, are closed to the idea of allowing any group gatherings for the foreseeable future.

This divergence in recovery approaches mandates significant changes in previously announced race schedules, as series managers attempt to reopen venues for competition, while implementing safe social distancing practices.

The Safe-to-Race Task Force is nearing completion of its assignment. The mission of the Task Force was to develop best practices for the operation of a post-COVID19 motorsports event that complies with state and federal guidelines for safe social distancing, while maintaining the integrity of the sport. These protocols will be shared with event organizers of all motorsports disciplines to assist them as they develop plans with their local officials to reopen their racetracks.

To streamline the workload the Task Force created several committees: Operations, Competition, Information Technology (IT), Medical and Government Relations. The committees will be presenting their reports this Friday and the final Safe-to-Race Tool Kit will be issued on Monday. Over 43 professionals in the motorsports, medical and technical fields participated in the Task Force, bringing an unprecedented wealth of knowledge and expertise to this unique challenge. The Race Leadership Team is confident that the health and safety protocols recommended by this group will greatly expedite the safe return to racing.

In the meantime, is it necessary to announce the following changes to the subject series schedules:

Pro Motocross:
The Pro Motocross schedule is currently under revision. The opening round is postponed to July 4th and the series will run through October 3rd, with dates and locations to be announced as soon as possible. Currently the number of rounds remains at 11.

ELi Tomac 2019 Fox National pala motocross raceway-8375The defending Champion, Eli Tomac, at the Fox Raceway National in 2019.

AMA Amateur Motocross:
The remainder of the Area Qualifiers are cancelled and the series will resume under a Super-Regional format (previously announced ‘Plan C’) commencing the weekend of June 6/7 through July 4/5. The format will consist of three different regionals (Amateur, Youth and Vet) in each of the eight regions. MX Sports is currently working with organizers to develop a schedule to accommodate this plan and will announce the dates and locations next week.

GNCC Racing representatives are working closely with local officials and landowners in the states of Georgia and South Carolina. These states are actively developing reopening guidelines and are welcoming responsible group gatherings. Although it remains tentative, it is the plan of GNCC Racing to resume competition on May 16/17 at Aonia Pass MX in Washington, GA (same location as round 3) and then on May 30/31 at a location in South Carolina. Social distancing guidelines and best practices for the series are currently under development and will be announced soon.

The Pro-only round of the series previously set for August 28th in conjunction with the Ironman motorcycle national has been canceled as a result of the change of the Pro Motocross schedule. The event will not be rescheduled.

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