Washougal Saturday Report: Who Is Fast & Who Isn’t



Nestled in the pine laden hills of Northern Washington, the Washougal course is without a doubt one of the most picturesque on the whole national circuit.


Over the past month or so FOX Racing Shox has been testing with Gavin Gracyk National # 273ÿ and the FOX Podium shock with the hope of racing it this year at a AMA MX national event. (Note: FOX Racing Shox has not sponsored a professional Motocross racer for over 25 years). We have worked hard at getting the shock ready and also to gain Gavin’s trust in our abilities… as his racing career is on the line with every decision he makes. The testing has been going well and last weekend Gavin decided the shock was ready to battle with the top motocross stars in the world. Gavin was able to put his Honda CRF 450 into 9th. overall with moto finishes of 6th & 10th. Gavin has moved into the top ten spot in the series point standings. Check out the next Mid-Week Report for the full skinny on the new Fox shock.


We spotted this pair of custom Leatt braces in the pits and it was reported that theÿpearl whiteÿbrace with silver pads would be worn by a very high profile racer who has yet to compete with the brace.ÿWe weren’t allowed to name the rider, but he is really fast.

Speaking of really fast riders, James Stewart’s factory KX 450F once again sat idle on Saturday awaiting James to show up on Sunday.

The day started out gray with a heavy mist, but opened up to a beautiful sunny day. Despitel being disked deep and watered, many riders complained about the track surface saying it was too slippery. Stil, the course layout was praised for being one of the most fun to ride.

450 Class

1. Tim Ferry
2. Grant Langston
3. Mike Alessi
4. Ivan Tedesco
5. Michael Byrne
6. Andrew Short
7. Josh Summey
8. David Vuillemin
9. Kyle Lewis
10. Davi Milsaps

250 Class

1. Ryan Villopoto
2. Josh Grant
3. Ben Townley
4. Josh Hill
5. Ryan Dungey
6. Broc Hepler
7. Jason Lawrence
8. Martin Davalos
9. Brett Metcalf
10. Joaquim Rodriques

QUOTE: “Yes, it is policy.” Tony Alessi when asked if having the boys be the first ones out in every practice session was planned.


Washington state rider Garhett Carter not only tried to qualify on his two stroke KTM, but he was wearing some AXO gear from the Damon Bradshaw era to do it. His green rims and purple hubs definitely added to the effort. Unfortunately, Garrhet didn’t make the program.


As with every AMA National, every bike gets sound checked if they want to head to the start line. The Boost/YoT Yamaha team came prepared with a handful of FMF silencers.


Yamaha’s Broc Hepler may have missed almost the whole season when he suffered a bad concussion during the Supercross season, but he still retains a big fan base. Someone had planted pro-Hepler signs for miles leading up to the course.

Although Ryan Dungey may have been having some problems with his bike, that didn;t stop him from posting the fifth fastest time in the 250 class. ÿ

Monster Energy was passing out samples of their latest product offering – Monster versions of coffee in a can. Still on the sweeter side of a traditional cup-o-joe, the new Monster drink was winning over both coffee and non-coffee drinkers.

Davi Milsaps coulda/shoulda done better in qualifying.ÿHis tenth place spot put him behind three Honda privateers: Josh Summey, David Vuillemin and Kyle Lewis.

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