Team USA won the 2022 Motocross des Nations at Red Bud, which was essentially what everyone expected. Naysayers might say they won because they were on an American track, but… (1) This is the same track they lost on in 2018—so much for home track advantage. (2) It rained most of the day, which should have favored the European teams, but the USA was first and Australia was third. (3) Ify ou think the Americans had an advantage with Eli Tomac leading the team, this is the same Eli Tomac who was on three previous losing teams—including the last time the MXDN was held at Red Bud. (4) The fans who groused, moaned and whined that Justin Cooper wasn’t the best choice for the 250 ride at Team USA, must feel pretty stupid now that Cooper more than held up his end of the bargain. Justin won the 250 class overall. (5) Bad luck always plays a part in winning a team race and Australia lost because of crashes by Hunter Lawrence and Mitch Evans that failed to back up Jett Lawrence’s strong 1-2 rides. (6) Points count when you are adding the best five out of six moto scores for a country. France was second because they persevered. Anywhere you looked on the track Dylan Ferrandis was laying in the mud, but he would get up off the ground and race back towards the front (and finished third overall in the Open class with a 6-4, behind Jett’s 1-2 and Sexton’s 2-3). Ferrandis was aided by Marvin Musquin’s third overall in 250 class and massively by Maxime Renaux, who went 1-3 to win the 450 class overall beating Tomac’s 1-6 and Jeremy Seewer’s 4-5.

The little teams deserve credit for coming to the MXDN even though they knew they could not win against the might if the USA, France, Australia, Belgium, Holland and Italy. So, let’s give a shout out to Guam. Who even knows where Guam is outside of members of the U.S. Air Force? But they showed up, qualified in the “fast 19” nations and ended the weekend in 17th place with Sean Lipanovich, Josh Varize and Benny Bloss.

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