Round five of the 2021 AMA Supercross Championship was a significant game changer at the Indianapolis  Supercross 2. The spate of crashes continues unabated into the fifth round of the 9-race 125 East Supercros series and this week claimed Team Honda’s Jett Lawrence with a crash in qualifying and an even bigger crash in his first heat race. For some reason, even though it was obvious that Lawrence had suffered a serious shoulder injury, as he kept massaging it constantly, Honda sent him back out in the Last Chance race which he won by going as slow as possible to get the job down. But finally, by main event time, Honda pulled the suffering Aussie off the starting line before too much damage was down to their future star’s shoulder. Meanwhile, lappers played a big role as they cartwheeled in front of leader Michael Mosiman costing him his 2 -second lead. Worse yet, the AMA refused to allow Mitchell Oldenburg to line up for the 250 East Last Chance, claiming that his bike was not legal. Then, after the LCQ was over, they admitted that they were wrong and that he should have been in the LCQ. When Jett Lawrence pulled out of the main event, they gave his spot on the line to Oldenburg, but it wasn’t a fairy tale night as he pulled out of the race early. The capper was that the AMA never waved a white flag and, in fact, shortened the race by one full lap by waving the checkered flag to Colt Nichols. Colt didn’t believe it and had to take a second look as he crossed the line to make sure that the flag wasn’t white, but instead checkered.

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